Improved Performance and Optimized Costs Through an IBM Integration Bus Migration

The Case

Our customer was acquired by another company. The integration layer was based on an older version of TIBCO’s ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks which had to be migrated to IBM Integration Bus (IIB) used by the new owner.

Groundswell, a leading Canadian IT service provider was selected as the exclusive contractor for this large scale project alongside ScaleFocus, the go-to partner for offshore delivery.

The IIB Integration

ScaleFocus was picked as the offshore partner for this initiative because of its proven track record of delivering large-scale projects on time, numerous references and extensive knowledge and experience with both IBM and TIBCO technologies. IIB has been selected for the basis of the integration layer for the migration, as it deemed more suitable for such large-scale data transformation as well as the variety of features and long-term easier support. The project has been executed in two steps, with ScaleFocus participating in all activities.

The ScaleFocus team started with an in-depth analysis of the current deployment of TIBCO’s integration layer in order to get good understanding of the project. Initially the team faced difficulties due to the lack of documentation which was lost throughout the years. The first phase of the project consisted of drafting new TIBCO documentation, tracking down existing one and creating a proof of concept for the client with several complex integrations.

After the proof of concept was completed and approved, ScaleFocus continued with the actual migration which included more than 200 integration components and source data from CRM and PMM systems. The data migration to IIB and other third party systems was successfully executed by the experts of ScaleFocus using several key technologies including IBM InfoSphere CDC, IBM Infosphere Datastage, MessageQ and XML.

Technology Stack


IBM Integration Bus, IBM InfoSphere CDC, IBM InfoSphere DataStage, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, MessageQ, XML

The IIB Migration Achievements

  • Lower costs for licensing due to a unified technology stack for both companies
  • Lower costs for support - only one integration layer is currently used
  • Improved performance due to the use of a newer technology version and superior architecture

The Client

North American sporting goods retailer. The company sells a vast assortment of sport-related products such as footwear, clothing, equipment and other accessories.