Innovative Solutions for Over-the-Top Video Industry


TV Analytics

The Client

AVIQ Systems is an innovative solutions provider in the over-the-top (OTT) video business in Switzerland. The company is focused on the convergence of the Internet, digital media and broadcast television designing tailor-made solutions based on modular software components and technologies. The customers are mainly video content distributors, telco industry players and broadcasters. AVIQ provides multi-screen solutions as incremental building blocks or as full end-to-end systems. The products can be mixed and matched as needed to cover a diverse set of solutions including OTT Live TV, VoD, Catchup TV, PVR, Electronic Program Guides and more.

Television in a Box


  • Favourite channels always at hand.
  • Free TV entertainment with over 200 TV channels to enjoy television freedom.

Project 1: Streaming Set-Top Box

  • Managing different Hardware Platforms (different set-top boxes)
  • Low-level OS (Android) Development
  • Integration of Streaming Providers (Back-end part)
  • Performance Optimization (Soft and Hardware)
  • User Interface and UX development
  • Front-end streaming

Project 2: Hybrid Solution unifying cable TV + OTT over the top TV

  • Tailoring TaaS for operators of cable TV / DVB – Joining IPTV and legacy Broadcasting Technology.
  • Performance Optimization (Soft and Hardware)

Project 3: Digital Rights Management for live and on-demand content

  • Integrating Microsoft PlayReady and SmoothStreaming technology
  • Integrating VeriMatrix with the Set-Top Box

The set-top-box solution


  • Android-based set-top boxes that are distributed by UFC to bars and other establishments so that UFC live events can be streamed.
  • While there are no fights to stream trailers are displayed, which are also controlled by the UFC.
  • There is a ticker at the bottom that shows news while there are no live streams (i.e. during trailers).

How it's done

  • The set-top box has a specific firmware, on top of which an Android 4.4.2 is ran (customized by AVIQ), the backend is provided by Zixy.
  • HLS stream, streaming HD through an HDMI cable.
  • Android platform components: Services, Intent Services, AsyncTasks, Broadcast Receivers, Fragments, Handlers, custom layouts, Threads, SAX parser, XML pull parser, AMLogic’s video player integrated into the firmware etc.
  • RSS used for ticker, data transfer made through XML, pulling information every 30 seconds.
  • Push notifications developed, planned to replace the XML pull to optimize the process.
  • Currently push notifications used only to force updates.
  • Technology used for Push notifications: Nginx (web server) with push streaming module.
  • Foundation for the administrative web portal.
  • Ticker: custom animated view developed by us.

AVIQ Tracking Package (ATP)


  • Transmitting of technical client data to central repository
    • Technical System Operation Surveillance
    • Behavioral and usage tracking
  • Storage of BIG DATA in an ElasticSearch environment
  • Data Analytics
  • Tailored Visualization / Real Time reporting


  • AVIQ cloud recordings allows a 7-days catch-up.
  • AVIQ focused on its core business and opened new distribution channels.
  • The only known alternative to this dedicated proprietary solution for UFC streaming is watching TV (major differences between the two in terms of how it works and how it is used).
  • Other specific alternatives on the market unexplored/unknown.
  • Important to mention that UFC has full control and can decide what to stream while there are no live matches, what text to display through the ticker or potentially integrate other live streams.

“The partnership between AVIQ and ScaleFocus started in 2013 as a typical client-service provider relationship. From the very beginning ScaleFocus’ consultants have been an integral part of AVIQ’s product development meeting all assignments with highest level of agility and quality. AVIQ had previously considered establishing an RnD center in various locations and they found the price-performance ratio and flexibility at an optimum in comparison to any other location worldwide. It is why the company chose to rely on ScaleFocus in building/becoming their RnD center of excellence. At that time the relationship has evolved into a mature partnership where both parties are forge drivers of a strategic alliance.”

Rudolf KiseljakCEO | AVIQ Switzerland