Advanced log analytics in real-time

Quick Facts


Advanced log analytics in real-time 


Energy Trading & Services


Integration of an Endur system with an ELK-stack application, in order to enable self-service business intelligence and enhance the monitoring of critical system processes. We facilitated the ingestion of large amounts of log data, thus allowing for meaningful troubleshooting whenever issues arose.

Technologies Involved

Beats: Data Collection

Logstash: Data Aggregation & Processing

Elasticsearch: Indexing & Storage

Kibana: Analysis & Visualization

Business Challenge

Our Client’s commodity trading business is substantial and requires the highest-grade IT services and responsiveness to market opportunities. A company of their magnitude has a great number of events and data generated out of their critical ETRM systems. That’s why our Client decided to combine forces with ScaleFocus to utilize their experience in data analytics, insights and monitoring.


Key Features:

  • Integration of ELK (Elastic) Stack
  • High availability and scalability of data analytics
  • Distributed system design
  • New generation of statistics management
  • All around support, bug fixing and integrated new features


The resourcefulness of our team brought our Client a compilation of top-notch services, which gave them a new approach regarding micro-managing small and medium tasks and control over enormous amounts of information and data. The successful development and ELK integration led to various benefits, such as:

  • Real-time monitoring of critical processes and logging
  • Prompt detection and alerting of issues
  • Next level monitoring and visualization
  • Management optimization of heterogeneous data and logs
  • Improved issue investigation capabilities