Modernization of a Web-Based platform

“ScaleFocus was able to assign engineers already aware and experienced with the Telco industry which was a big benefit for us in order to ramp up the team quickly.”

Francois Dehaibe | Billing Director | JOIN Experience

The Case

JOIN Experience’s BSS/OSS software is delivered by a 3rd party development vendor located in China. Meanwhile, there was not a dedicated testing team from JOIN Experience’s side to verify whether the software changes could be accepted or not.

JOIN Experience have experienced working with multiple vendors to provide a dedicated testing team but they did not succeed in aligning their solutions with the internal processes and business requirements set by the telecom. The company management decided to rely on a technology partner with proven track-record and excellence in QA services. JOIN Experience made a research for Bulgarian partners identifying ScaleFocus as the most reliable one. The partnership is based on an agile nearshore delivery model in order to enable JOIN to take advantage of a cost-effective service, combined with deep understanding of their business needs and premium quality delivery. JOIN Experience considered the ScaleFocus’ price-performance ratio and flexibility at an optimum in comparison to any other partner so far.

“ScaleFocus provided an offshore Center of Excellence of Quality engineers working on a managed services model in order to ensure seamless implementation of improvements in telco services provided by JOIN Experience. Their IT consultants created a master test strategy, including test plans and scenarios, covering most business critical projects, which led to overall quality assurance processes improvement.”

Francois Dehaibe, Billing DirectorJOIN Experience

The Modernization of a Web-Based Platform

Our team initially performed a thorough business logic analysis in order to identify critical gaps and areas for improvement.

ScaleFocus engineers identified previous inconvenient practices that had resulted in slow implementation of improvements in JOIN Experience’s software systems. The CoE executed the QA strategy in collaboration with development teams located in Belgium, Luxembourg, China and Germany.


Functional testing

ScaleFocus provided functional testing services to determine if all components and services of JOIN Experience’s software applications operated in compliance with the requirement specifications. We designed test case scenarios that met completely the High Level Technical Design definitions.
ScaleFocus’ customer centric approach enabled JOIN Experience to focus on core business priorities while the customization of all business and operations support systems (CRM, Ordering, Provisioning, Billing, etc.) were verified by our QA consultants.


Integration testing

From JOIN Experience perspective, the integration between all systems in their complex software environment is, naturally, of utmost importance in order to ensure an effective interoperability between all systems, reliable customer experience and flawless brand awareness. ScaleFocus was an integral part of the implementation of all new business critical features and functionalities in customer’s integrated software infrastructure.

ScaleFocus’ QA consultants enabled JOIN Experience to perform seamless implementation of the Next Generation Intelligent Network (NGIN) platform. It empowered the company to provide a supreme level of quality of their 4G service to the end customers. The comprehensive QA methodology was also executed when testing the JOIN Experience’s new service called Multiline. It provided the possibility of using a Belgium and Luxembourg number with one SIM card only. Our team identified components that were to be tested and procedures for execution and reporting for two more projects: Mobile Number Portability and Customer Acquisition Portal development.

ScaleFocus’ QA strategy ensured an immediate start of integration testing processes as new functionality became available in order to enable critical integration defects to be identified early in the implementation phase. Thus, the QA services not only met the requirements of the current projects, but more importantly, met the business and operational requirements of other processes that used that service.


User acceptance testing (UAT)

The strategy used was to involve the key business stakeholders and users actively throughout the entire project lifecycle and prevent from finding high severity defects and missing requirements late in the implementation phase. As a result, the number of test repetitions and duplications in UAT phase dropped significantly. Our UX consultants performed multiple real use case scenarios in order to verify whether the end user experience meets the essential business and operational requirements regarding all projects. ScaleFocus validated the general usability and functional quality in the new customer acquisition portal, which is being used by JOIN Experience sales representatives and end customers (serving as a customer self-service portal).


  • Increase in customer satisfaction rate due to improved overall service quality
  • Significant time-savings due to optimized testing processes and pre-defined test scenarios and use cases
  • Enhanced operational support due to focus on core critical production objectives rather than functional defects
  • Improved brand awareness due to improved corporate reliability
  • Reduced risk of prod defects and incidents

“JOIN Experience can rely on a QA Center of Excellence built by ScaleFocus that constantly improves overall customer journey through our products. The quality level of all services has been improved due to optimized quality assurance processes. Thus, we are able to confidently make informed decisions without the risks of unknown, untested priority areas.”

Francois Dehaibe, Billing DirectorJOIN Experience

About JOIN Experience

JOIN Experience is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Luxembourg and Belgium offering a large portfolio of mobile and fix-broadband products, cloud telco and IT products. JOIN Experience is the first telco operator offering integrated IT solutions and is the first offering a European tariff for all services (outgoing and incoming calls, texting and surfing) regardless of the recipient. The company provides European and National mobile deals in 4G, within 27 countries around Europe.