Mobile Solution for Geospatial Activities

Our client's team has always believed in the importance of innovation and continuous development and this is why they chose us as a development partner.

Business challenge

Our client wanted to build a user-friendly mobile solution for managing portable industrial geodetic devices using Android or iOS gadgets.


Our team developed advanced iOS and Android mobile apps that support the capture of images and additional measurements to them, as well as intuitive sketch workflow.


Facilitated 5 different ways to take highly precise measurements

User-friendly interface for creating complex geodetic diagrams

Enabled exports to various formats like: JPG, PDF, DXF, etc

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Business challenge story

The primary purpose of the apps we created for our client was to manage portable industrial geodetic devices using an Android or iOS gadgets. The new platform would allow the users to create virtual professional rooms i.e. to visually depict how a room would look like.

It would do so via enabling the creation of building plans by sketching, recording, capturing and measuring a photo of an actual room, A heatmap of the venue may also be created. The specificity of the company’s expertise required remarkable meticulousness.

Transformation story

After the successful collaboration, a variety of useful features were implemented on both versions of the platform. It supports the capture of images and the addition of measurements to them via laser measurement tools. Precise sketches with real estimation have been created as well as an intuitive sketch workflow. Apart from the subscription-based in-app purchases, data could be shared with others via email or cloud. The platform also:

  • Stores and manages work data
  • Manages laser measurement devices and their updates
  • Connects laser measurement devices to mobile via Bluetooth or WiFi

Achievements story

An easy to use platform has been created for managing laser measurement tools using an Android or iOS mobile phone. The users have been given the ability to further extend their knowledge about the device’s specification and manual, supported by help video, current Bluetooth connection, etc. There is a simple way to connect a laser measurement device to mobile via Bluetooth or WiFi.

About the client

Our client is a leading brand in measurement and survey information technologies worldwide. They are part of  an outstanding global provider of information technology solutions that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial landscapes. They operate in an industry where exceptional attention to detail and diligence in execution are essential. The client company is a firm believer that technological advances strongly enrich their capacities and potential for delivery.