Native Mobile Application Delivery

Our team acted proactively and enabled the client to polish their concept for a world-class mobile application and successfully delivered the desired result.

Business challenge

Due to the global tendency of increased smartphone usage, our client needed a trustworthy partner to help them develop a native mobile application for both iOS and Android operating systems.


We created a world-class native mobile app for iOS and Android, that was adapted to their existing website.


Contributed to the client’s placement in the top 5 of the most perspective and developing young companies in their origin country

Attracted 30 000+ new users in the first couple of months

Boosted revenue from banner ads, resulted from growth in users

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Business challenge story

As tablets and smartphones became excessively widespread and integral to the common everyday life, it seemed vital that the company turn to devising an efficient mobile solution. They envisioned the prosperous opportunity of having their own unique app. Our client was certain that it should have been strictly based on the existing website where the catalogs were placed. Because of our extensive expertise in various technological projects, we were selected as a reliable partner to develop the native mobile app.

Transformation story

We used a custom approach to design creation and mobile application development. It was equipped with a great amount of added value and many new features were implemented. There were a variety of technologies involved so that the native mobile app contained top-notch features and functionalities. Apart from updating the existing website, ScaleFocus created both an Android and an iOS version of the mobile app where all premium key features are present:

  • Exceptional design of a specific UI/UX for the client
  • Location-based marketing
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Custom alerts and notifications
  • Cluster plugin, integrated in the map to scale stores better
  • Shopping list, using linked labels to specific products
  • Integration of wish list – only for the mobile app
  • Map of nearby store’s brochures – only for mobile app

After the successful implication of the abovementioned features, our client started to scale their business and attract more visitors.

Achievements story

The technological team proactively devised the native mobile app so that our client’s customers enjoy a more convenient and user-friendly way of browsing and shopping. The business outcome of the project had a tremendous effect on the growth of the company. In addition to the above-mentioned achievements, we contributed to:

  • Growing the client’s market share and digital influence, expansion to foreign markets
  • Tremendous ecological potential as the printed paper brochures and all the impact from their creation and delivery will eventually be overcome
  • Eventually, as a result of the optimization and the increase in comfort and convenience for the customers, our client received a nomination for the best mobile application. The achievements of the project also include a substantial growth in the logins per day which brought an evolution of an already successful business model.

About the client

Our client is a leading provider of digital catalog solutions for retailers on a global scale. The company regularly updates its platform which presents extensive information about offers and discounts from various supply chain vendors. They deliver one-of-a-kind value by enabling the potential customers of the described businesses to find the best deals for themselves.