Natural Gas Real-Time Analytics Platform

Business Challenge

Our Client is a Commodity market data provider, who provides valuable business insights to clients as to help them make well-informed decisions, based on comprehensive analysis of the marketplace.

Our client’s platform aims to provide end – users from the energy and oil & gas industries the ability to gather valuable insights by performing ad-hoc database queries and return the results of those queries to customers quickly. The platform’s roadmap calls for providing analytic and visualization capabilities and applying them to the query results – maps, charts, reports, and more. The goal is for data to be supplied whenever, wherever, and however the customer wants it, for example: 

  • via a downloaded CSV file 
  • provided “live” to customer systems over a standards-based web service 
  • displayed geographically on a thematic map 
  • via a PDF report 


The Platform we developed provides natural gas traders and schedulers an optimized and enriched version of the existing platform. The product pulls near real-time data from approximately 100 US interstate pipelines. This data is leveraged by traders and schedulers to make better, more informed decisions in their day-to-day. One of the highest-impact features of the Platform is its ability to visualize the live pipeline data on national and regional mapsincluding congestion indicators at compressor stations or pipeline segments. Moreover, critical notices and maintenance events are depicted, so facilities with reduced operational capacities are easily identified. 

Key features: 

  • Client-side application with Dashboard and Query” modules, developed using Angular 
  • A robust and scalable back end developed using .NET Core 2.0
  • An integration with Google Maps in order to visualize pipeline data and custom markers (congestion indicators, maintenance points, etc.)
  • Native mobile applications for both Android and iOS


Our team of experts developed an interactive, near-real time application, drawing from a vast pool of data, depicting natural gas availability and trading conditions in the US. The platform we built served its users vital, business-critical information, such as the congestion of a selected pipeline, availability of natural gas at storage facilities, etc. Ultimately, our solution was able to work with:

  • 100 000+ active users
  • 5TB+ storage 
  • 100+ pipelines 
  • 300+ compressor stations supported