OddStorm - Website Optimization

The Case

OddStorm realized the need for a facelift, extension of payment options and optimization of its website. OddStorm’s website lacked online electronic payment offering – subscriptions were paid only via bank transfers. In addition the look and feel of the website were not in-line with the most recent best practices and principles. The company wanted to introduce a better online marketing strategy by integrating an affiliate system.

“The ScaleFocus team was always available for consultation whenever we had questions or simply wanted to discuss anything of concern. We scheduled weekly progress meetings to review the current state of the project and determine how to proceed further. Our team could focus on our core business goals while the ScaleFocus team built the web portal. They completed everything in a timely manner, as agreed.”

Chavdar KopoevCEO | OddStorm

The Website Optimization

ScaleFocus’ team started with business and technical analysis of the current situation, system and needs of OddStorm. ScaleFocus implemented the new modern and sleek rebranded design, applying HTML and CSS best practices. Odd Storm’s website was integrated with the online payment providers PayPal, NETELLER and Skrill. ScaleFocus team overcame lots of integration challenges and communication issues with the payment providers due to security specifics of the systems. In addition ScaleFocus integrated the affiliate system “postaffiliate.com”. The project included using technologies such as PHP, HTML, and CSS.


  • Direct online payments were enabled, bringing customer loyalty and ease of subscription and monetary flow management
  • Automation of payments’ processes and procedures, minimizing the manual tasks
  • Better look and feel of the website
  • Ability to run custom affiliate campaigns and extend the marketing and sales initiatives

“The most impressive thing was their attitude towards our project and us. ScaleFocus took this initiative very seriously and completed everything in an autonomous way. Their entire development process was synced with our operations. Their client approach is one of the best things about the company. ScaleFocus does not merely complete projects; it builds sustainable partnerships.”

Chavdar KopoevCEO | OddStorm

The Client

OddStorm was established in 2007 and since then is one of the top providers of reliable high quality information for soccer odds – cross-market sure bets, middles and Polish middles and others. Since its launch the company has been enhancing its product quality and service spread by adding bookmakers, markets and filters, and improving parsing algorithms and arbitrage detection systems. Currently OddStorm offers pre-match and in-play football arbitrage online, via its website and live arbitrage via a Windows desktop application.