Private Cloud-Based Application Development

“I’ve seen a lot of executive demos over the years, and yours today, was the best! Be proud of how well it went due to your hard work and amazing teams.”

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The Case

One of the core strengths of our client is their ability to deliver real-time decision support for providers and their patients. The legacy monolithic platform they were using needed an upgrade, in order to satisfy the constantly evolving business necessities. The company was searching for a trusted partner, who would be able to carry on a transformation of the entire back-end architecture. Such types of transformational projects are big and can be broken down into smaller different sub-projects, which require know-how in various areas.

In our case these areas included: Architecture, Infrastructure, Transformation Implementation, Refactoring, Big Data and Analytics, Automated Quality Assurance, accompanied with Program Consultancy, Project Support and flawless communication.

The Transformation

ScaleFocus was chosen as a reliable offshore partner, who can provide a team of experienced specialists to cover all of the above-mentioned areas. Together with one of our partners, we managed to build a sustainable Onshore-Offshore development team to carry on the entire transformation journey with quality, speed and cost-effectiveness. Using the onshore-offshore method allowed us to be engaged in the project 24/7, thus being available to the client at all times.

The first major milestone in this project was successfully completed only four months after the official start of the partnership. The ScaleFocus team delivered a demo of the freshly modernized platform, on which our client can rapidly build and release products into the market twice as fast as they currently do, while simultaneously achieving cost savings of at least 40%.

So far, our team has been an integral part of the transformation journey of our client, which is revolutionizing their IT landscape with the introduction of more than twenty-three new technologies.

Technology Stack


Java 8, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker EE, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Elastic Search Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Web Services, JIRA

Achievements and Future

  • 2x faster time to market for new products
  • Increased cost savings by 40%
  • High level of security and flexibility
  • Service distribution enablement

About our client

Our client is one of the biggest clinical solutions providers, to drive appropriate, safe, and affordable care. Serving more than 50 million members across its country of operation, the company promotes optimal care through use of evidence-based clinical guidelines and real-time decision support for both providers and their patients. Their platform delivers significant cost-of-care savings across an expanding set of clinical domains, including radiology, cardiology, oncology, specialty drugs, sleep medicine, musculoskeletal care, and genetic testing.