Research and Development Center for AVIQ Switzerland

“We sensed the need to bring in the right partner on board to build and operate our R&D center. For us ScaleFocus stands out as the number one choice.”

Rudolf KiseljakCEO | AVIQ

The Partnership

Bringing this superior user experience to a demanding market, requires the right mix of technical excellence, design capabilities, as well as willingness to experiment and invest in new technologies. We sensed the need to bring in the right partner on board to build and operate our R&D center for the Over-the-top (OTT) video solutions for content distributors / aggregators, telecoms, video operators and broadcasters.

For this purpose, we thoroughly evaluated various vendors and locations across Europe. Due to my experience in leading IT-Outsourcing projects over the past 20 years I was personally in charge of the process. I had substantial experience working with India, Ukraine and China amongst all others. This made me realize that the software engineers in Europe, who possess a work ethic and sense of quality closest to ours (the Swiss), can be found in Bulgaria. On top of that, Bulgaria boasts some very mature Professional IT Services organizations and for us ScaleFocus stands out as the number one choice.

Since 2012 our Android-based products (several generations of set-top boxes, mobile Apps) have been developed and continuously improved by our team at ScaleFocus. ScaleFocus’ consultants played a key role in AVIQ’s product development, by using advanced methods and providing services of highest quality. The devices allow end-users to watch live TV, movies, TV series and access apps like Youtube. Most prominent features include time-shifting, 14 days of EPG, Video Recording, Video on Demand (VOD) store, 7-day catchup, etc.

“Our work with ScaleFocus began as a typical customer-contractor engagement. With time and by far exceeding our expectations it flourished into a mature partnership, where both parties are solid drivers of a strategic alliance.”

Rudolf KiseljakCEO | AVIQ

With the help of ScaleFocus, we were able to focus more on our core business activities and start opening new distribution channels. This new model of cooperation, built on trust and common goals, further encouraged the growth and development of AVIQ.

We will continue to use ScaleFocus‘ services, since they have proven to provide solutions of highest quality and managed to become one of our long-term partners.

About the Customer

For the past 10 years, AVIQ Systems has been providing innovative solutions, at the focal point where Internet, digital media and broadcast television converge. A family of Over-the-Top Set Top Boxes offering a supreme (U)HD viewer experience for Live TV, Video On Demand and Catch-up/Recording lies at the heart of our portfolio.