Sharing Economy Platform Development for Omni-Channel Engagement

The Case

The customer needed an innovative and modernized cloud-native translation management system to help them substitute their legacy translation management platform. As the company underwent a rapid expansion in its customer base, it faced the challenge of undergoing a digital transformation in its existing system. ScaleFocus was trusted with the development of a Sharing Economy solution which would facilitate the connection between interpreters and its customers through a peer-to-peer platform.

The Sharing Economy Platform Development

The sharing economy model represents a community-based online platform, which gives individuals access to acquiring, providing and sharing goods and services by efficiently connecting buyers to sellers. The success of such platforms is heavily dependent on the convenience and ease of use, as well as the number of participants involved. In order to streamline these factors, ScaleFocus was involved in the development of the iOS and Android Applications for our customer’s Interpreter Management System.

Starting with 3 scrum teams, the project engagement gradually scaled up in just a couple of weeks, to reach 7 teams, totaling 32 Software Engineers. Each one included one team lead as well as a quality engineer. Moreover, ScaleFocus’s team included a Senior Business Analyst, who was involved in the definition of requirements and design of functionalities to the system, as well as a Project Manager responsible for all reporting. Daily video conferences and weekly team lead scrum meetings streamlined the successful delivery of the project.

The project enhanced our customer’s reputation internationally, and it strengthened their credibility, both with the thousands of their commercial partners our client already worked with and those they were still targeting. This solution gave them the resources and momentum they needed to keep pushing themselves to new heights.

The newly developed sharing economy platform and mobile extensions enabled several main features:

  • Omni-channel capabilities with reliable UX at all times, empowering seamless collaboration between customers and interpreters worldwide.
  • Tailored booking experience allowing customers to search for interpreters based on personal preference.
  • Secure authenticated access, which can be audited within the system, for client protection and security.
  • Quick view and edit of bookings using search criteria.
  • Interactive dashboards, online messaging and automated sourcing and match features for user convenience.


The realization of the cloud-native sharing economy platform was streamlined by the collaboration between both parties, which was smooth and efficient. The success of the project, marked the biggest milestone in the history of our client, as it gives the company resources and momentum to keep up its rapid expansion, going into the future. The new omnichannel sharing economy platform enabled our customer to:

  • Facilitate a seamless collaboration between its clients and interpreters around the world.
  • Achieve increased performance and better platform experience overall, as a result of UX.
  • Establish a strong foundation for sustainable long-term partnerships with its clients.
  • Position the company as one of the largest and fastest growing language service providers in the world.
  • Enhance international reputation and enforce credibility both among its commercial partners and its target audience.

Technological stack


Java, JavaScript, jQuery, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2012, nUnit, Kendo UI, SVN, Targetprocess, WCF, Simple Injector, AutoMapper, MVC, Entity Framework Code First, Android Studio, Git, Charles, Crashlytics, RXJava, RabbitMQ, SignalR, Fire Cloud Messages, Android, iOS

About The Client

Our client is a technology-driven global leader in the language-communications industry based in the UK. The company provides leading translation, interpretation and localization technology solutions for both large-scale businesses and individuals. Its services are applicable to a wide scope of industries, ranging from Sports and Entertainment to Governments and Finance.