Solution Analysis and Architecture Proposal for Pharmaceutical Company

“ScaleFocus’ guidance empowered Servier to implement its projects 2 to 3 times faster and with great efficiency.”

IT Manager

The Case

Growing its business and number of marketing initiatives, our client foresaw the need of implementing a business process management (BPM) solution. The decision-making process across departments was slow and heavy. In addition, in order to drive the initiatives forward, a lot of paperwork was required.

ScaleFocus was chosen to perform business and technical analysis and propose the BPM solution’s architecture due to proven track record in implementation and consultancy in BPM solutions. The engagement was of utmost importance in helping the client’s representatives to:

  • Organize national conferences to promote medicines to doctors.
  • Organize local events to keep the General Practitioners engaged with latest updates about different products.
  • Create all marketing materials (articles and press releases, branding materials and brochures, etc.)

“ScaleFocus guided us through the crucial phase of Business and Technical Analysis, setting the strategy and standards for a project of utmost business importance. Their team applied its experience in similar initiatives and provided the necessary level of resilience and preparation for the challenges beyond the immediate horizon.”

IT Manager

The BPM Solution Implementation

The beginning of the business analysis phase was dedicated to reducing the amount of paperwork. ScaleFocus’ team initially performed a BPM analysis and identified inefficient internal communication and slow information flow across departments, due to inappropriate internal standards – the processes were set according to the type of event/activity. Thus, our team optimized all internal processes according to the similarity of activities in budgeting, approaching, payments, etc., resulting in reduced implementation cost.

ScaleFocus’ team designed 1 business process which required only 3 dynamic forms in order to enable company’s representatives to experience a smooth event management initiative. In comparison, initially all objectives required 3 completely separate processes and no reuse of any dynamic forms or part of them.

We optimized the data gathering and reporting processes reducing error-prone ones and the amount of work needed. The proposed solution empowered faster Financial Performance Report generation and facilitated a data-driven approach to all prospects.

“Initially, investing in a dedicated analysis phase seemed like an unnecessary procrastination in kicking-off an important, cross-department, long-planned project. During the first week of the BA, we were beyond glad for agreeing to the suggested professional and best-practice approach – it saved us time, money and frustrations at later stages. Moreover, a few months later we asked ScaleFocus for conducting another analysis in another initiative. Again, with excellent outcomes in terms of value, domain acumen and processes.”

IT Manager


The implemented solution established an integrated and flexible platform for easy onboarding/automation of new processes enabling our management to stay focused on core business activities. The streamlined automated processes across all departments improved significantly the traceability and predictability of resources.

  • 67% simplification of event management initiatives
  • 33% faster submission process by all attendees
  • 33% simplification of Servier’s payment document preparation

About The Client

Our client is a leading European pharmaceutical company, presented in 140 countries with 20,000 employees worldwide. Since the middle of last century, it has created research centers, factories and subsidiaries in France, England, China, Russia and others.