Virtualization of a Test Environment for Enhanced Integration Testing

The Case

The project has been executed in partnering with IBM. It addresses a major project in the bank and ScaleFocus team was involved in the virtualization of the test environment for the integration testing of their SOA infrastructure. As a strategic move, the bank used and implemented IBM Rational Information Tester (RIT) and IBM Rational Virtualization Server.

Virtualization of the Test Environment

The ScaleFocus team executed the whole project – requirements analysis, design, execution, analysis and knowledge transfer. The project includes the following test automation activities:

  • Gathering of the business requirements and preparation of the technical requirements.
  • Installation and configuration of IBM Rational Information Tester (RIT).
  • Identification of test scenarios for automation of a number of web services.
  • Migration of soapUI test cases to IBM RIT.
  • Virtualization of the Test Environment and its use, instead of the real one.
  • Data-dependent stubs, calling the stubbed or the real services.
  • Capture of Network traffic in order to create test data.
  • System availability scenarios (if the response is ‘system error’ or ‘timeout’, sending a stubbed response to the front-end).
  • Creation of data-driven test cases using spreadsheets for data pool.

Virtualization Benefits

  • Core test scenarios implemented in IBM Rational Integration Tester
  • Full virtualization of WebSphere ESB and WebSphere MQ
  • Faster optimization of the test process – data driven testing, reusable test cases
  • Cost savings by implementing a virtualized environment, instead of buying additional hardware and software for test environment setup

About the Client

Our client is one of the largest banks in Eastern Europe. The company operates in more than 1000 branches domestically and more than 60 branches abroad.