Web Platform and CMS for a Leading Chain of Stores

Drawing on our vast business and technology expertise, our team created a highly flexible web platform and CMS for managing the creation and modification of digital content

Business challenge

Our client set a primary goal to transform their customers’ journey. To do so they decided to create a unique shopping experience.


The solution we provided includes a web platform and a CMS with wide range of functionalities like an auction section, shopping cart, section for returned items and others.


Business growth

Significantly increased revenue and profit

More customers

Increased customer base due to the enhanced online presence

Modern look

Delivered extraordinary customer experience with a modern look

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Business challenge story

Our client envisioned a process which would bring satisfaction to their customers at very affordable rates. They turned to us to create a new module to their existing web platform, consisting of two main sections

  • Online auction and bidding section and
  • An online store for products for sale.

By devising and introducing this new segment, the client’s website would act as the initial starting point for the client journey.

Transformation story

The auction section allows the customers to bid for an unlimited number of items. Тhese items are being automatically loaded into a centralized space – the shopping cart. They are available for purchase at the end of the auctions’ lead time.

In addition to the regularly available items, there is a purchase section with all items that have not been bought during an auction, have been returned from previous auctions, or have been directly added with a “for sale” status. Apart from a specially created set multi-factor method for calculating the price and a discount of a product, the users have access to:

  • Favorites page functionality with easy access to favorite items or items the user is interested in.
  • My auctions page - a listing of all auctions a user has participated in.
  • Categorization and filtering of products - facilitates the search of particular products.
  • Login/Registration & User profile - personal details, shopping history, won auctions
  • Shopping cart - automatic reservation of a product for a particular time; 48 hours purchase period after an auction ends; Opt-out to purchase products after winning the auction.


Furthermore, the web platform has been integrated with an ePay online payment solution via ePay accounts and credit card options and also has a “Pay on delivery” feature. The warehouse module is based on the information from the Photo Box. A space ID can be generated in accordance with the order of distribution to the warehouse base. Then, expedition takes places after the products are retrieved. Next, the shipping documents are processed for dispatch via the integration with the courier’s system.

Achievements story

Thanks to the new web platform and highly flexible content management system, out client's profit and revenue grew significantly in a very short period after the deployment. In addition, their customer base grew due to the enhanced web presence that the platform presented. Besides providing the new look and improvement in customer experience, we helped our client remove geo-limitations and improved product information accessibility.

About the client

Our client is among the leading Eastern European second-hand clothing traders. They have consistently occupied a front-runner into this segment of the garment industry providing top quality products to their wide array of customers.