Website Transformation and Optimization for the Bulgarian Embassy in the USA

The Case

Maintaining a respected institution requires having a flawless reputation and looking good in the eyes of the public. All organizations, who want to be seen as professional, have well-organized websites. This is the façade, which presents them to their audience. In the case of the Bulgarian Embassy in the US, the vision of their official site was failing to portray them in the light such institutions should be.

The website was lacking any creativity, nor was it user-friendly or pleasant for the eye. The content in the English version was displayed in Bulgarian, there was no consistent organization, no footer, no section with related articles or any kind of navigation buttons to guide visitors through the web pages.

The Website Transformation

After carefully analyzing the problem and need for change, the ScaleFocus team developed a completely new website with responsive design, which incorporates the institution’s identity and communicates its history, values and functions in a well-organized and professional manner. All above-mentioned issues were fixed and new features were added. The new website has:

  • Structured content
  • Text available in both languages
  • Interactive map of all Bulgarian embassies in the US
  • Gallery with images and a separate news section



“It is my sincere hope that the new contemporary design of our website will facilitate the access to information, and it will continue to grow in number of visits and use.

I extend my appreciation to ScaleFocus, whose gratuitous support was instrumental in producing our new website.”

Tihomir StoychevAmbassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Bulgaria to the United States of America


  • Improved user experience
  • Low bounce rates
  • Increase in average session duration

About the Bulgarian Embassy in the United States of America

The Bulgarian Embassy in the United States is an institution, which represents the Republic of Bulgaria in the US, while promoting good collaboration and strategic partnership between the two countries. The main goal of this organization is to deepen the dialogue in areas such as security, education, fighting terrorism and strengthening people-to-people contacts. The Embassy also serves the Bulgarian community in the US and helps its various organizations to flourish, while keeping the spirit and traditions of the homeland alive.