Are you looking for a simple and robust E-Commerce digitalization framework? Our E-Commerce platform combines digital marketing, artificial intelligence and the best-in-class user experience to deliver the results you’ve been setting out to achieve.

The framework is portable and deploys on private or public clouds, standalone, as PaaS or in-app servers so you can scale your operations with ease. Spend wisely and lower your TCO by 75% so you can focus on rapidly launching new products, boost customer engagement, improve ROI and ensure continuous growth for your online business.


Open Modular Platform

Our platform is built on open-source technologies. You’re free to use just a few modules to get started and can expand at any time with additional ones. We’ll be there to help you choose the best ones that will meet your business objectives.

Omni-channel Customer Engagement

Closely analyze your customer behavior, purchase trends, preferences and build a powerful, long-lasting omni-channel presence. With our platform, you enable true continuity of your digital experience.

Product Management

Easily manage all your brands and products from one place. Create sales funnels, extend promotions, contests and giveaways to enhance your customer experience and build brand loyalty. Take action based on raw customer data and analytics. 


We are building enterprise software for next level digitalization and commerce. Our platform helps medium and enterprise companies - from fashion and retail stores to big telcos - grow and scale their e-commerce businesses with top notch technology stack and omni-channel experience for their customers.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Fast time to market

  • Low cost of ownership

  • Cloud native technology

  • Feature rich platform

  • Modular architecture

Supported Cloud Providers

Supported Cloud Providers

Our Work


Healthcare & Life Science

Private Cloud-Based Application Development


Telecom & Media

End-to-End Digital Solutions for Over-the-Top Video Provider


Finance & Banking

Disrupting the FinTech Industry with a Mobile Solution

What our clients say about us

“We have been partnering with ScaleFocus for a number of our projects since 2016. Working together, our engineering teams have helped position Paysafe as a leading payment solutions provider powered by great technology within the fast-paced payments industry.”

Miroslav Bojilov

General Manager, Paysafe


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