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Are You Ready for Tomorrow? 

Do you fully understand what technologies are available and applicable to your needs?

Are you a master of your data or are topics such as data collection, data cleansing & standardization, data streaming and data analytics still on the agenda?

Is your ETRM system and trading IT landscape fully in the cloud already?

Have you conquered AI, ML and predictive analytics?

Does your ETRM system landscape fit all your needs or is it up for modernization?

Is your business able to respond to the demand for mobility? Are your employees and shareholders able to use a mobile app to check on daily updates & access business processes?

Have you already harnessed the possibilities of a complete and modern systems integration architecture?

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We have a comprehensive understanding of the energy sector and its challenges. Explore further our services and find out where we can add value to your IT operations.


Why Scalefocus

We are an end-to-end services provider that delivers strategic consulting and development of data management, infrastructure, ETRM, and mobile solutions through innovative technology, domain experience, and specialization 

We remove data silos and connect your data in a single, actionable ecosystem that leverages data and analytics to give you a competitive advantage 

We offer the full spectrum of software development services, from upgrade and migration of legacy systems, custom, and reusable market analytics solutions, ETRM and Energy Software Development, cloud, IoT, RPA, and intuitive mobile applications 

We reduce costs and optimize operational efficiency, and assets management through intelligent automation, cloud infrastructure, and strategic consultancy


Our Services

Intelligent Data Management & Analytics

High-quality data enables companies to harvest insights and accurate forecasts to understand their network and assets. We develop scalable data platforms that remove data silos and foster data centralization. We enhance operational and analytical data management using data lakes, data & streaming analytics platforms.

Consulting Services in Energy Trading and ETRM Products

We are experienced in Business process modelling in the area of Energy Trading including:
■ Implementation of Custom, OTC & Exchange-traded products
■ Automating business processes
■ Implementing solutions to comply with specific regulatory requirements

ETRM Systems Implementation & Energy Software Development

Our consultants are experienced in large-scale ETRM systems implementation, redesign and development projects as well as trading landscape transformations that drive strategic results. We have vast expertise in Greenfield implementations, ETRM system upgrades, custom ETRM system development as well as process redesign and integration with other systems.

Cloud Solutions

You can’t be a next-gen digital utility if you don’t have one foot in the cloud. Moving to the cloud reduces IT spending, increases security and resilience. We establish cloud migration strategies and build hybrid cloud solutions. Our experts have experience with cloud-native systems redesign and complete solutions for Trading operations.

Mobile Solutions

We develop native mobile applications for both Android and iOS. We have extensive experience with enterprise solutions used to empower our customers’ employees in their day-to-day operations.

IoT Services

Smart grids and metering generate substantial data volumes, and IoT creates numerous new data points that put additional pressure on the IT infrastructure. We enable intelligent networks with smart metering, smart grids, and e-mobility fleet management.


The industry`s evermore fast pace constantly increases data intensive and manual risk processes as well as the need for reconciliation. To tackle this, we utilize RPA and realize cost optimizations along the value chain, where repetitive and rule-based tasks within Middle and Back Office processes can be automated.

Systems Integration

The growing need for coordination and interconnectivity between different entities and their systems is at the core of our Systems Integration Services. We develop and deliver detailed Training programs on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and microservices architecture which is a first step towards a redesigned and decentralized ETRM and IT systems landscape.

Solutions Selection Consultancy

According to Energy Risk’s 2021 Software Survey, 70% of respondents said the biggest IT challenge for energy risk managers and traders was “understanding what new technologies are available and applicable”. Our consultants will find the right technological solution for your unique business situation.

Enterprise Resource Planning

We are building event-oriented resource planning systems which provide a repository of business and system events that measure the success of all automated and human-driven business operations.


Our Work

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Energy & Utilities

Next-Generation Digital Platform for Energy Supply and Sales

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Energy & Utilities

Real-time Analytics and Data Visualization Platform

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Energy & Utilities

Increasing Employee Engagement with Energy Market Insights


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