Software Consultancy and Technology Advisory Services

Why do you need Consultancy and Technology Services Delivery?

In the era of a constantly evolving and dynamic business environment, it is vital for your organization to have a trusted consultant by your side, to guide you through your digital transformation journey.

Need to create a new vision or put an already established one into place?

ScaleFocus is here to help you unleash your full business potential through the power of top-notch technology. We will solve your toughest niche problems, regardless of your industry or business size.

We have been engaged in many business transformations over the years. Our technical consultancy is based on hands-on-experience with global projects for multinational companies.

Some of your business systems or processes are not performing effectively or you probably need to automate some of them for improved efficiency?

No problem, our consultants are here to give you expert opinion on how to do it by leveraging the latest technologies. We will help you grow your business to build and expand new offerings with innovation and agility.

After we carefully analyze your environment, grasp your needs and goals, we will prepare an exhaustive roadmap for your tailored transformation journey- all this will be done in a highly secure environment. We are an ISO certified company and follow strict security regulations and best practices to deliver the most optimal results.

Our General Approach to Software Consultancy and Technology Advisory Services

1. Business Analysis

Our Business Analysts have prepared a number of comprehensive reports, which evaluate the current state of the company to help customers understand, prioritize and align on all business needs. We identify the lagging processes, as well as any outdated or inadequate business rules.

We will define the products and services that meet customer needs, the processes which need improvement, and or update existing such to increase your overall business value. We have experience with preparing such reports for both big enterprises as well as startups and mid-sized companies. Depending on the outcome and findings of the business analysis report, our teams can proceed to the Proof-of-Concept stage.

2. Crafting a Proof-of-Concept

Once we have analyzed your business environment and needs carefully, our teams of excellence will gather to brainstorm on a potential tailored software solution. Developing a Proof-of-Concept is necessary since it aims to test whether our idea will fulfill your desires and meet your expectations.

A well-defined Proof of Concept (PoC) is an integral part of any project lifecycle, since it demonstrates the value and feasibility of the software solution, prior proceeding for a full-fledged implementation. The PoC saves time and money as it able to demonstrate the project viability and functionality on a 80% basis. It also helps us understand how much time will be needed for the actual development and when exactly can the deadlines be met.

3. Solution Design and Architecture

Our engineers, designers and architects possess extensive know-how when it comes to translating business needs, alongside with both their functional and non-functional requirements into a comprehensive, feasible architecture design. We, at ScaleFocus, help companies all challenges they are facing in the current dynamic environment through the power of technology.

ScaleFocus has hands-on experience with delivering robust, large scale solutions that make use of industry leading application servers as well as database systems. We are keen on delivering secure and scalable, service-oriented architectures to realize solutions which bring immediate value and build the foundation of a strong platform for future expansions.

4. Project Planning and Budget Building

Successful projects are always backed-up by systematic project planning. Project planning is an essential part of the entire pre-development process, since it aims to outline the key events, which need to happen in order for the solution to be delivered on time and as per the agreed quality. ScaleFocus can provide collateral Project Management services to draw the project plan and estimate what needs to be done and when it needs to be finalized.

Project planning is a big deal. If you fail to grasp the importance of it, all the efforts during the business, analysis, PoC development and software solution crafting will be meaningless. Well-developed project plans include:

Software development plan, which outlines:

  • How and when the software will be developed
  • Foreseeable problems and potential adequate solutions
  • Essential parts of the software
  • Prerequisites of the solution
  • Hardware dependencies
  • Software dependencies

Developing a Quality and Validation plan, to ensure:

  • Readability
  • Maintainability
  • Efficiency

Maintenance plan

  • To predict all maintenance requirements and costs
  • Plan any changes in software after delivery
  • Bug fixing planning
  • Increasing functionality
  • Adapting to new environments (configurations)

5. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) planning

Every business wants to optimize its existing processes and systems to increase its product/services added value and boost its revenue. Total Cost of Ownership stands behind the sum of all costs and expenses associated with buying, implementing, and managing your software solutions.

We understand the importance of costs, yet if you want to gain you have to invest first. Our software solutions come at a reasonable TCO and in 90% of the cases, customers report an increase in their revenue during the first six months. At ScaleFocus we focus and outline achievable and measurable results during the planning phase, in order to give you a grasp of what is ahead.

6. Building a bespoke software solution

After going through the stages of Business Analysis, PoC, Project Planning and Total Cost of Ownership estimations, we proceed with the actual software solution development. This process can take from 3 months to 2 years, depending on your needs and goals.

Our engineers will build the solution following best practices when it comes to code writing, test it and only after all requirements are met, put it a production phase. ScaleFocus offers collateral services when it comes to secure code writing as an addition to every project.

Above is the entire software consultancy and technology advisory lifecycle, however often times we are faced with solving very specific and niche consultancy engagements, were we are forced to advice for a specific task being it security, architecture, integration, speed optimization etc.

Choose our expert consultancy and excellent technology services delivery!