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Sustainable Transformation
with Custom Software Solutions

Sustainable Transformation
with Custom Software Solutions


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The three D’s of the energy market – decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization are here to stay, and we fully understand the structural changes Energy & Utilities providers are going through. The changing energy models call for new or improved business processes and new ecosystems of solutions for a successful transition to reduced carbon footprint and diversification of energy sources. It makes ever more sense for all of these changes to be adopted digitally.

Scalefocus offers digital-first solutions for Energy & Utilities companies setting the foundation for their successful digital transformation. We start with the proper data governance and data models to unlock the potential of algorithmic trading in the Energy sector, while also developing superior software solutions in the trading, supply-chain, investor relations & asset management.

Do you fully understand what technologies can support
the digital transformation and apply it to your business’s
specific needs?

Are you a master
of your data?

Do you feel comfortable with the data quality, relevance of data models, and analytical capabilities to go forward with algo-trading and predict business-critical events? Have you conquered AI, ML, and predictive analytics?

Is your trading landscape
fully in the cloud?

Do you need a partner for that journey? Does your ETRM ecosystem fit all your needs, or is it up for modernization and expansion?

Is your business able to respond
to the demand for mobility?

Can your employees and shareholders access business processes, visualize confidential data via mobile devices, or perform trading activities securely from distributed locations?

Have you already harnessed
the opportunities?

Provided by complete and modern modular architecture with reliable APIs helping you capture all the advantages of modern enterprise software.

No? Maybe? Let’s talk!

We have a comprehensive understanding of the energy sector and its challenges. Explore further our services and find out where we can add value to your IT operations.

Why Scalefocus

  • We are an end-to-end services provider that delivers strategic consulting and development of data management, infrastructure, ETRM, asset management and mobile solutions through innovative technology, domain experience, and specialization
  • We remove data silos and connect your data in a single, actionable ecosystem that leverages data and analytics to give you a competitive advantage
  • We offer the full spectrum of software development services, from upgrade and migration of legacy systems, custom, and reusable market analytics solutions, ETRM and asset management software development, cloud adoption, IoT, RPA, intuitive mobile applications and secure SDLC policies
  • We reduce costs and optimize operational efficiency through intelligent automation, cloud infrastructure, and strategic consultancy
  • We involve top-notch security consultants to audit & harden software solutions, adopt secure software development practices

Our Services

Intelligent Data Management
& Analytics

High-quality data enables companies to harvest insights and accurate forecasts to understand market and pricing nomenclature and manage assets effectively. We develop scalable data platforms that remove data silos and foster data centralization. We enhance operational and analytical data management using data lakes, data & streaming analytics platforms, data modeling orchestration, and actionable reporting.

Consulting Services in Energy Trading and ETRM Products

We are experienced in Business process modelling in the area of Energy Trading including:

  • Implementation of Custom, OTC & Exchange-traded products
  • Automating business processes
  • Implementing solutions to comply with specific regulatory requirements

ETRM Systems Implementation & Energy Software Development

Our consultants are experienced in large-scale ETRM systems implementation, redesign, development projects, and trading landscape transformations that drive strategic results. We have vast expertise in Greenfield implementations, ETRM system upgrades, custom ETRM system development, as well as process redesign and integration with other systems (confirmation, clearinghouse integration, accounting transaction automation).

Cloud Solutions

You can’t be a next-gen digital powerhouse if you don’t have one foot in the cloud. Moving to the cloud reduces IT spending, increases scalability, performance, security, and guarantees resilience. We establish cloud migration strategies and build hybrid cloud solutions. Our experts have experience with cloud-native systems redesign and complete solutions across the board in Energy & Utilities.

Mobile Solutions

We develop modern, UX-driven, native mobile applications for both Android and iOS. We have extensive experience with enterprise solutions used to empower our customers’ employees and other interested parties (shareholders & potential investors) in their day-to-day operations.

Internet of Things Technology Supporting Decentralization

Smart grids and metering generate substantial data volumes, which can optimize business performance with real-time data available inside the organization and to their end customers. This also creates numerous new data points that strain the IT infrastructure. We enable the adoption of those with overall data governance, privacy & business results in mind.

Systems Integration

The growing need for coordination and interconnectivity between different business & digital entities is at the core of our Systems Integration Services. A vibrant ecosystem of APIs will only enable seamless digital business workflows reducing the need for manual input and transformations. We build event-oriented solutions which provide a repository of business and system events that measure the success of all automated and human-driven business operations.

Solutions Selection Consultancy

According to Energy Risk’s 2021 Software Survey, 70% of respondents said the biggest IT challenge for energy risk managers and traders was “understanding what new technologies are available and applicable”. Our consultants will find the right technological solution for your unique business situation. If the market is not ready with an off-the-shelf solution corresponding to your tailored needs, we can also build one to reflect those.

GHG Emissions Calculator – Turn Compliance into a
Business Opportunity

Scalefocus developed the Green House Gas Emissions Calculator to enable companies with emissions-heavy operations to go beyond mere sustainability reporting and enhance their bottom line. The tool is highly customizable and offers the needed baseline of calculations for environmental compliance and the foundation for complex business planning and what-if analyses going forward



The GHG calculator is a versatile tool for measuring and tracking Scope 1,2,3 emissions, allowing enterprises to trace data for sustainability reporting. Companies can import data from various data sources.

It can leverage publicly available emission databases or import custom factors like the company’s laboratory data via template
files or APIs.
The GHG Calculator allows the export and conversion of results into different measurement units.

Business Planning


The GHG Calculator is not just a compliance tool. It allows companies to understand the impact of emissions on their operational costs and make informed decisions about where to invest and reduce expenses. Once the baseline of emissions calculations is established and dataflow is streamlined, the GHG calculator opens different avenues for business planning upgrades. The calculator can be configured for different use cases, allowing simulations of various scenarios and planning changes in business activities that improve decarbonization and profitability.

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Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups, and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance, and Energy & Utilities.

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