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Every business is a technological business. At Scalefocus we make it our business to know the finance sector in and out and help organizations with their technology-related challenges.

Outdated capabilities and high maintenance costs

The accumulation of technical debt is a threat that can’t be ignored. Trying to move forward on an aging core results in system slowdowns, crashes, slow time to market and wasted money.

Lack of integration across numerous IT

The different applications your organization relies on to run operations and stay organized need to talk to each other and if these stand-alone systems can’t do that, you’re wasting valuable resources.

Data quality & ineffective decision making

Poor data quality slows down processes and results in long manual hours fixing problems. It causes lack of productivity, efficiency and accuracy affecting negatively both business results and your reputation.

Severe competition from FinTech players

Technology-native competitors develop new products faster and more efficiently because they aren’t held back by legacy technology. Established organizations fall behind easily if they fail to innovate.

Heavy compliance and security requirements

Cyberattacks are the fastest way to lose customers’ trust yet being compliant does not mean you are secure. By going beyond the security minimum, you will protect customer data and ensure compliance.

Poor customer

Poor customer experience costs financial institutions millions in revenue per year. Slow onboarding, lengthy procedures for opening an account, inefficient handling of client data all need to be addressed.

How Partnering with Scalefocus Will Benefit Your Organization?

System Мodernization

We redesign and migrate existing applications with zero downtime to the suitable cloud-based IT infrastructure. Our architects can perform cloud-native, serverless and containerized app refactoring. We rearchitect your monolith applications into a modern microservices-based solution that can scale to millions of transactions and users.

Benefits: lower TCO, ability to speed and scale the apps, improved security and efficiency, minimized risks.

Applications Integration

We help financial institutions integrate their existing applications regardless of whether they are in the cloud or on-prem via building a comprehensive integration strategy based on using enterprise integration platforms and API management technologies. Our experts analyze the current IT landscape and define a reference architecture.

Benefits: speed, scalability, enablement of new products, services and business models.

Data, Advanced Analytics and AI

We build a holistic data strategy to optimize how you gather, store and process data and develop comprehensive Datawarehouse & Business Intelligence solutions based on leading software solutions such as Power BI, IBM Cognos Analytics, Netezza, SAP Analytics Cloud, Salesforce and others.

Benefits: data driven decisions in terms of business, products and risk.

Security & Application Continuity

We offer security audits and penetration tests to help financial organizations ensure their systems are safe. Through our AppCare 360 service, you delegate IT operations to our 24/7 application monitoring specialists, who provide live monitoring and enforce security best practices across your digital landscape.

Benefits: business insights, visibility and predictability of cybersecurity risks.

Custom Application Development

We deliver low maintenance, highly configurable and future proof web and mobile solutions. Our agile development process ensures continuous delivery and open feedback loops. We run an internal innovation program where our talented engineers submit innovation proposals to solve client problems.

Benefits: accurate decision-making, enhanced business value, stable growth of the customer base.

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups, and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance, and Energy & Utilities.

Ready to scale and meet the technology challenges of tomorrow?

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