Tailored healthcare and personal care solutions that help organizations embrace quality of care, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Healthcare is so personalized nowadays and on the other hand we are still yet to explore data from multiple patients worldwide to reach a comfortable big data analytics average state.

We strive to find the best balance and drive customized healthcare and personal care solutions teach person, yet help healthcare providers learn from their data and automate their business.

Our healthcare and personal care platforms:

SoFit – physiotherapy and kinesiotherapy made available at home.

A ScaleFocus product, recognizing patients’ movements via a specialized camera, automatically aligning against prescribed therapy and giving real-time feedback of your exercises.

It combines a bracelet that records and stores data about the pulse and blood pressure of the patient during the repetition of an exercise. The system has a single-board computer that records the camera data and the bracelet data, and stores it before it is transferred for review and analysis by a competent person.

This is all backed by a software solution which ensures correct analysis of the data received from the camera and the bracelet; outputs statistics and information about the proper execution, the pulse, and heart rate of the patients and send this information to doctor’s computer, or to the medical center.

Supporting Active Ageing through Multimodal Coaching

SAAM is a multimodal coaching cloud-based platform which prevents isolation and depression among the older people and supports their active ageing. It uses unobtrusive personal and smart homes sensors to enhance human interaction and help elderly people stay active and socialized.

Hospital Administration Automation – Virtual Hospital

  • Interactive portal for patients and customers remote navigation and access to health-care institutions
  • Enables customers to get acquainted to clinical resources, equipment, facilities and specialized services before arrival
  • Extendable platform for innovative and telemedicine services – pre-diagnostics, others
  • Doctor Scheduling, Appointment Booking, Online Payments

Remote Online Counseling Platform

  • Video connection and streaming, integration with homeset TVs
  • Secured web and mobile access, encrypted streaming, recordings
  • Specialized Mobile App with real-time notifications and TV set integration
  • Online booking and billing, payments, invoicing

Other healthcare and personal care know-how we can share with you:

  • Clinical Treatment Algorithm Testing via Robotic Process Automation
  • Healthcare Enterprise Application Integration Programs via Enterprise Service Bus
  • Front-end customer-facing applications
  • Back-end healthcare specific applications and medical systems
  • eCommerce Channel Integration – ESB Middleware integration
  • Business Process Management analysis and strategy implementation
  • End-to-end Healthcare Enterprise Systems Analytics and Compliance
  • Private Cloud-Based Application Development for clinical solution providers

Private Cloud-Based Application Development

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