Insurance Solutions and Services

Our insurance expertise:

  • Integration of core insurance systems internally and with 3rd party external systems
  • Migration insurance infrastructure to clouds
  • Maintaintenance and migrated legacy insurance systems
  • Automation and digitalization of core insurance processes
  • Development integration of front-end insurance platforms
  • Implementation of regulatory-driven insurance solutions
  • Insurance fraud-detection tools

ScaleFocus has a solid team of insurance specialists with in-depth knowledge of core and critical systems to insurance and business expertise from the insurance domain. Being part of multiple insurance companies and converting to consultants had a strategic advantage to our insurance team as we deliver exactly what our customers needs.

Solvency II End-to-End Insurance Regulatory Compliance Systems Implementation

Digitalizing the insurance claim process


  • Insurance declarations web portal
  • Insurance brokers and intermediaries portal
  • Insurance policies logging applications

Middleware and integration solutions for insurance


  • Making sense of highly dispersed and heterogeneous IT landscape, including BPM, CRM, ERP and many more systems from different vendors as well as several custom solutions supporting insurance businesses. We eliminate potential performance bottlenecks by modeling the infrastructure and running performance tests against real such.


  • Integration of insurance companies’ core system with external and internal systems. E.g. core systems with central register of vehicle insurance policies, broker systems, marketing and CRM systems etc.


  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Integration Platform for the Distribution Channels – In addition to providing an approach for visual programming it enables the IT team to rapidly further develop web services for emerging new business needs.

Insurance Mobile Data Terminals

Software application for mobile data terminals which serves the sales process of the insurance agents and brokers. The mobile application provides real-time access to the Electronic Information System for Risk Assessment, Management and Control.

B2B Web Services facade


  • Architect, design and development of SOA solutions, layer and a set of web services to insurance core systems. Designed for internal use, making it non-appropriate for exposure to external parties in non-trusted environments.

Non-life insurance experience


  • Design, implementation and support of a central register for motor third party liability insurances for a Guarantee Fund


  • Integration with INSIS SOA, OraIns and OPUS for brokers and agents for MTPLs and other insurance products, implementing new distribution channels and web services


  • Implementation of standalone mobile and desktop broker applications for handling the issuance of civil liability and other non-life insurances

Central Register for Vehicle Insurance Policies

Team members from our insurance team have solid insurance expertise in building a central register for vehicle insurance policies, including MTPLs, green cards and border insurances. The central system registers policies in real-time and generates unique policy number. Claims against insurances are also registered. Based on all the data collected, the system calculates Bonus/Malus ratio which is to be applied on insurance premiums.

Insurance Cloud Services


  • Private, public and hybrid implementations
  • Cloud application development
  • B2B multi-tenant solutions and SaaS applications​
  • Cloud enablement and consultancy​
  • Monolithic-to-cloud transformation​
  • DevOps and CloudOps​
  • Infrastructure management automation, infrastructure as a code​
  • Software delivery automation, continuous integration and delivery​

Other insurance services and solutions


  • Cybersecurity and data privacy solutions implementation
  • Penetration tests
  • Analytics and data modelling
  • GDPR systems implementation
  • Information security compliance
  • Clinical Treatment Algorithm Testing via Robotic Process Automation
  • Intelligent Chat Insurance Agent

InsurTech with ScaleFocus – customer-centric, data-driven and platform-based insurance technological solutions, leveraging latest technology trends.