Telecom Industry Solutions and Services

“We see Telecoms nowadays with two major plays:


  1. Focus on high-added value and niche services and bundle on top of the existing packages and connectivity.
  2. Play as connectivity vendor, investing heavily on network, especially 5G.”


Viktor Bilyanski | CTO | 15+ Years of Telеcom Expertise

The second telco trend is a financial game at large.

We can help you with standing-out from the crowd, innovate and deliver customer-centric solutions through good software.

Working closely with Telcos across Europe and North America our team has witnessed firsthand the aggressive transformation in the telecommunications domain. From core systems integration, through data-driven systems to user and experience-centric excellence – we work closely to deliver the market and customer driven innovative solutions.

Our teams have worked closely with Business and Technical stakeholders at Telecoms worldwide in order to implement omni-channel and digital store-front transformation with one goal in mind – make the customer of our customer successful, satisfied and happy.

Telecom Solutions Portfolio

Omnichannel platforms

The business cases we have focused on with priority both increased customer satisfaction and cut costs by reducing contact center enquiries, by improving or transforming current digital touch points. By measuring and optimizing customer experience, your telecom can:

  • Improve customer retention and loyalty
  • Increase customer share of wallet
  • Reduce cost to serve
  • Optimize customer acquisition
  • Increase brand awareness and equity


  • Analytics-driven product and service catalogues​
  • Analytics-driven cross-selling and up-selling campaigns​
  • Consistency across multi-touch-point interaction​
  • Wide range of business models and customer relationships​
  • Streamlined orders fulfillment, operations and provisioning​
  • Sophisticated, IT-independent self-service tools for marketers and merchandizers

Mobile Applications​

  • World-class native experience​
  • All-in SuperApps​
  • Self-care, eCommerce, mobile wallets, entertainment apps, special-purpose campaign apps

Set-top-boxes, Video on Demand (VOD), Live Streaming Solutions​

  • Multimedia streaming/VoD web, mobile and smart TV apps (players and apps)​
  • Set-top-box appliances firmware solutions based on Android

Telecom Enabled Artificial Intelligence and Data Management

  • Embedded AI and advanced analytics​
  • Big data solutions​
  • Data warehouse modernization and migration​
  • Self-service intelligent analytics​
  • Enterprise business intelligence​
  • GDPR data management​
  • LoB solutions​:
    • IFRS reporting​
    • Campaign management​
    • Roaming regulation

Telecom Cloud Services

  • B2B multi-tenant solutions and SaaS applications
  • Cloud enablement and consultancy
  • Monolithic-to-cloud transformation
  • DevOps and CloudOps
  • Hybrid cloud deployment
  • Infrastructure management automation, infrastructure as a code
  • Software delivery automation, continuous integration and delivery

Audit, Design and Implementation of Web-Farm Infrastructures Including Configuration and Deployment of new Application Servers, Web Cache Servers and Web Servers

Telecom Transformation Solutions

Microservices, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) / Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)​

  • Enabling end-to-end processes integration and communication across telecom systems​
  • Leveraging microservices in BSS and OSS to improve time-to-market for new features and seamless network changes​
  • PaaS and Containerization to enable elastic, extensible and reliable enterprise environment​

Business Support System (BSS) / Operation Support Systems (OSS) Integration​

  • API-based agile integration​
  • End-to-end automated fulfilment across BSS Layer, OSS Layer and Network Layer​
  • SLA management, reliable messaging, orchestration, standardization​

Billing and CRM Integration and Migration​

  • Technology excellence to mitigate platform limitations, legacy constraints and data migration​
  • Agile delivery, sophisticated program and project management to manage implementation complexity​
  • Go-forward and roll-back capabilities to reduce implementation risks​