Beyond Joy! A Lifestyle of Excellence, Fun and Wow-ed Partners!
June 13, 2016

Beyond Joy! A Lifestyle of Excellence, Fun and Wow-ed Partners!


Just off one of numerous sessions that happened in the last couple of weeks. A session with colleagues from the Data Management and Analytics team along with a potential customer. This is what I call ‘delivered hands-on wow-factor’! A live session of a senior consultant playing with the technology, digging, trying, analyzing on the spot, thinking aloud. It gives me goose bumps! In a good way.

I just love it when we are able to blow minds with experience, expertise and moreover – attitude! Am I even more motivated, energized, inspired? You bet. It makes me proud.

Technology excellence is a given. Diving deep into customers’ needs, genuinely and with great attitude is the new black. This is the only sustainable differentiator – not an option, an imperative. A lifestyle.

What else have we been up to ?

  • Demo on web scraping for insurance and telco.
  • DevOps wow! delivery with IBM UrbanCode for a bank.
  • Weather Analytics in the IoT domain with Hadoop, Spark, Node-RED, Mosquitto, MQTT, etc.
  • Front-end and back-end development around .NET and Java technologies for multinational companies – agile teams’ structuring for business-critical internal/customer platforms.
  • IBM DataStage and Netezza in action for processing, optimizaiton and automation of huge number of financial-related queries…

Thank you! Thank you, colleagues for being role-models for your peers! Be it finance, IT support, legal, administration, HR, sales, development, design, integration, QA, analytics, services, products,… Always striving for first-class end-to-end experience and always ready to learn more.

Thank you! And all that… because training matters. Comradeship matters. Fun matters.

Beyond the ‘winning-new-business’ game, let us gain the ‘wow!-ing-partners’ game; on a daily basis, by all means. It is much more fulfililng, sustainable and joyful.

The ScaleFocus Team

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