November 21, 2016

Brexit or Not, Think About Your Techxit


Let policy makers do their job. And while they are figuring out the next steps, what is best, what needs to be done, how the whole exit strategy will work out – think about your Techxit (Technology Exit). Despite the odds, your business needs to go forward and ultimately flourish. Success depends on your dedication and desire to keep foundations strong, while making the organization bigger and stronger.

In the era of digitalization and constant technological development, fear from the unknown is not tolerated. The macro environment is not under your control, yet your business is. So, welcome the external trends, which will help you grow, and come up with innovative ways to turn the disadvantages into advantages. The world has survived way worse. The world of business has faced great crises and survived, we won’t let Brexit be a precedent.

The long-term goals, your organization needs to accomplish in order to thrive are not in a direct correlation with political events (you adjust and adapt to those), but in a very strong relation to your stamina, vision and creativity. You are the policy makers of your business and flourishment depends on your attitude and proactive approach. So be positive and start thinking on how to embrace Brexit for your business benefit. Identify your priorities. No matter what comes along, we’ll deal with it. Right? And do not let uncertainty and fear make you indecisive and procrastinating. Find a way today to build a technology, skills and business bridge, together with partners across Europe. Establish the foundations of long-term relationships, which will be beneficial for both your and your partner’s company. Talent and talent-demand is borderless. Efficiency and business versatility are paramount. No panicking, just take a pragmatic approach to Brexit, with a Techxit. There are many ways from which you could benefit by choosing the alternative, instead of going with the flow and letting policy makers write the fate of your own company.

Be it general IT services, software product development, quality assurance, specialized solution management and advisory; the smart way to find YOUR (Br/Tech)exit is:

  • Establish relationship with a solid EU supplier, grounded on technology mastery, processes and security.
  • Build extended centres of excellence for business-crucial deliveries and high-value software products.
  • Focus on attitude beyond transactional thinking – genuine commitment, reliability, creativity and outcomes.
  • Go forward and continue to grow, without stressing too much about macroeconomic factors, which are not under your control.

Transform uncertainties into improved practices for global services delivery:

  • Embrace agile talent strategies leveraging on skills, know-how, motivation, growth and excellence.
  • Utilize the power of digital, data analytics and cloud technologies – customize them to engage and win.
  • Redefine the cooperation models into better-weighed international endeavours for expansion.

Brexit will come and pass, just like everything else. Making your organization vulnerable to such externalities will only bring you extra stress and harm your operations and activities. Take the advantage of Techxit and grab the opportunity to establish strategic IT partnerships across Europe, which can only benefit the company and further support its expansion. Continue your legacy and keep the destiny of the organization under your control by choosing the technical exit, instead of the political one.