April 20, 2017

A Distributed Growth Model for Your Startup


Engage a Fully Dedicated Professional Team

Building a new product requires a team composed of a business analyst, UI/UX designer, software engineers and quality assurance professionals. Each of these roles is highly specialized and key to any product development. Bringing in new co-founders with the right tech-skills accelerates the burn-rate and leads to equity dilution. Instead, early ventures can complement vision and business acumen with the engineering capabilities of a mature development partner.

Connect the Dots, Lower Validation-cost and Speed up Discovery

Real growth hacking starts with not reinventing the wheel and falling into common pitfalls. Having a seasoned business analyst and solution architect at your side throughout the entire MVP lifecycle and beyond will help you build the right process for finding product/market fit, test product hypothesis in minimum time with minimal resources, set the right functional and non-functional requirements and avoid unnecessary engineering hours.

Design, Develop and Operate with Speed and Agility

Building an in-house development team is timely and costly. With skills and talent already in place a mature development partner enables you to focus on growing your venture while engineering your product iteratively and incrementally. Agile project management and development allows you to quickly pivot from ideas that don’t work and implement the functions and features customers like and demand as discovered in the validation cycles.

Focus on the Metrics that Matter

You can’t control what you can’t measure. Defining and deploying the right metrics often makes all the difference between successfully executing your business model or burning your Startup to the ground. A seasoned business analyst will help you define precise metrics and choose the right analytics tools in order to measure performance in multiple dimensions, including Qualitative: usability, Quantative: user engagement, Comparative: A/B, multivariate testing.

Grow, Scale, Keep or Transfer

A distributed growth model for your Startup can help you avoid deadly pitfalls and achieve faster time to market. Once your product gets traction you need full flexibility to scale or transfer operations in or outside your organization. When scaling a mature development partner assures no degradation of know-how and engineering capacity occurs. When transitioning to in-house development it guarantees compliance, full IPR and knowledge transfer. Our track record shows partnering equips founders with the ability to conquer markets and win over investors.