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October 10, 2014

The Different Faces of Quality Software


Quality in the software industry is a controversial topic. Speculation on the meaning of software quality distorts the true impact of a QA team in a successful software solution.
The difference between expectations and actual results is based upon the difference of our vision and understanding of quality.

We’ve asked a few friends what software quality means to them, here’s what they had to say:

“Software that won’t enrage the sales team after a customer presentation.”

“It’s all about the balance between price and benefits.”

“It should do what I buy it for.”

“Solution should satisfy all my current needs and scale for future needs.”

Obviously each person measures quality according to his/her own needs and expectations. This is why we are building up strong relationships with our customers. We have a tailored approach for each client so we can distinguish between important and insignificant requirements, understand the expectations and leverage technology for the business’ benefit.

Every QA initiative should be able to perceive and implement these specifics in order to develop a flexible strategy that fits customers’ case and priorities.
Some say that defect-free software is an unachievable utopia. We believe in developing stable and usable solutions that support businesses in achieving their corporate goals, profits and customers’ satisfaction.

ScaleFocus QA Team

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