Trust and Transparency in Fixed-Bid Projects
December 12, 2016

Engaging vs “Throwing Bodies”


The power of commitment, trust and transparency in fixed-bid projects.

What do you have left, if you fail yourself? Yeah, your next breath. And the next move. And the choice of tailoring things, making them better. Giving up is a sign of weakness, getting up and moving on is what will make the difference and turn things around.

Same applies for software development projects. Despite all good intentions, extra efforts and genuine commitment, things go wrong sometimes. A feature takes longer to implement, setting up the environment and ensuring all prerequisites takes more than anticipated, a technology challenge is faced within a particular context, a team member gets unavailable, … you name it! This is life and the odds are that “an unexpected situation” will come along at some point. Provisioning for ‘risks’ in the fixed-bid projects often is not sufficient. The stamina of the team, the leaders, and the company do come in play here.

In this constantly changing environment, companies have started to seek for partners, whom they can fully trust and rely on (preferably for the long run). Nurturing long-lasting partnerships is what keeps the business world flowing. Are you able to engage in a way that a customer can entrust  “the life of their organization” to you? This is a key question to any professional IT services provider. You need to develop deep understanding of various aspects in client’s business and the project itself, to be ready to solve any issues, you may encounter on the way. And engaging goes much beyond a simple tactic of “putting more specialists” in the project when it gets “hot”. It requires:

  • Smart moves, based on experience.
  • Well-managed and controlled communication flow.
  • Creative solutions, based on expertise.
  • Getting the undivided attention of seasoned and savvy seniors, who will brainstorm to a feasible outcome.
  • Alignment between client’s corporate identity and the solution.
  • Management commitment and attention, to ensure that no matter what, what needs to be done will get done.

There is a “business life” on the line, which needs to be saved. Get up and do something about it. Gather the team and listen to what they think. Pay  attention to what each member says and make sure to take every detail into consideration, before making the final decision. Brilliant ideas come from simple propositions and may be hiding right around the corner. You just need to find and put them into action. Dealing with challenges is always best in a team as facilitates a broader perspective, leading to a better solution.

A word given is stronger than a contract signed. When there are trust and transparency, the customer just knows the answer to the question “Who will be there for me?” The secret to engagement and commitment lies in knowing what are you made of and relying on your people. So surround yourself with talented, motivated and positive specialists, who will always be close when you need them. Maintain valuable relationships with all your partners and make sure to be equally engaged in every project you undertake. They are part of your business family and will rely on you, same as you count with them. Stay positive and never take anything for granted – engaging with quality takes time, dedication and genuine willingness to thrive together.

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