March 27, 2020

Choosing the Right Technology Partner During a Crisis


Choosing the right software delivery partner is of utmost importance, especially during times of crisis. The coronavirus outbreak is affecting people and businesses from sizes and verticals. The global impact of COVID-19 is severe, as the world hasn’t experienced such an economic crisis since the one, which stroke in 2008. Companies have switched to work from home delivery methods, to protect the health and well-being of employees, their families, and customers.

Despite the implications of the coronavirus, companies are now finding themselves in the need of a trusted software delivery partner more than ever. To ensure business-as-usual and diminish the consequences of the disease, leaders are focusing on the core business processes and plans. All software projects and deliverables need to be in the hands of experts, who can quickly grasp the business requirements, lead and implement custom-built or off-the-shelf solutions, which optimize the processes, enhance efficiency and prepare the companies for the next level.

Nearshore and offshore software delivery models tended to scare some companies, due to the lack of physical presence on-site the office premises, yet in the current situation, all teams are collaborating virtually. The dynamic evolution and technology advancements have made it possible for businesses to easily overcome distances, bridge cultural differences and unite in the name of success and excellent outcomes.

Building and maintaining an internal software delivery time requires time and effort, which companies do not have in spare during a crisis, such as the current one with the coronavirus outbreak. Some businesses find themselves in the difficult situation of either building a new software team or adding additional members to an existing one.

Both cases require exhaustive processes, related to attracting the right talent, assessing their IT literacy and hands-on experience, onboarding, introduction and more. In times where budgets are short and companies are trying to optimize and cut costs, this is not a good option. How much time and money are you willing to spend on searching for the right talent? Are you ready to risk your project excellence over that? Traditional delivery models have switched to digital ones and business, which fail do adapt and act fast will lose a golden opportunity to leverage from nearshore or offshore software delivery partnership.

Instead of overthinking this and risking your project success, choosing the perfect technology partner would not only cut all the above-mentioned costs but will ensure you have a dedicated and knowledgeable team of motivated experts, willing to go the extra mile to give you an outstanding experience. Furthermore, such partnerships are usually outcome-based, so you will know that your partner is playing all-in, delivering everything on time, with the highest quality. A partner means a friend, a challenger, an advisor. Trust the expertise of proven specialists and do not go with the flow, as dynamic times require fast and accurate decisions.

Scalefocus has a proven track record of delivering both in-house developed and off-the-shelf solutions to help customers reach their goals through cutting-edge technology. A good proof is that 40% of our partnerships are long-term, with customers from North America and Europe. The high satisfaction of our clients makes them work with us, not on one, but several projects within a few years. An example is a client we have been working with for over 4 years, with over 120 experts working on more than 15 projects.

Scalefocus has extensive hands-on experience in delivering a variety of custom solutions, suitable for businesses of all sizes and from almost all verticals, including, but not limited to: eCommerce, healthcare, insurance, telco, energy, logistics, production, and manufacturing. With more 871 fully-dedicated engineers, our teams are fully committed to bringing outstanding customer experience, even during those hard times. Curious how we do IT? Our Network Operations Center (NOC) team, working for a North American client has a 6-minute detection and escalation time. Not a lot of partners are pushing it so hard to achieve this result.

The world is dynamically changing, and early adopters of the new digital work mode will leverage this situation most. Times are uncertain and having a trusted technology partner is important, as companies need to face new challenges. This crisis will be over, we do not know when with certainty, yet once it is done, we need to rise-up and proceed to a brighter future.

We are here to tell you, you are not alone – our dedicated teams can perfectly fit into your existing ones, or build a new one, to ensure highest, on-time delivery of the software solutions.

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