November 11, 2020

How ACC Solves Application Support’s Top 3 Issues 


Every business is striving towards providing exceptional quality application support. The path taken to achieve that however, often depends on high efficacy and focus from a skilled support team that is engaged, shares knowledge effectively and has a working knowledge transfer process in place. 

Without a clear application maintenance plan set to follow, Comentum estimates that supporting a mid-enterprise application may reach up to nearly $11,000 a month. Keep reading to find out how Scalefocus’ ACC solution significantly decreases this cost and increases efficiency by solving application supports three main issues businesses face today. 

1. Say Goodbye to High Employee Turnover

A lack of mentorship and upskilling opportunities offered to support staff are pushing them to consider moving to work at other companies70% of support desk employees keep their roles for over 2 years, although the percentage has dropped from 75% in 2015 (SDI). Employee satisfaction seems to be a critical factor that influences the loyalty towards their role at a company.

ACCs Response: Theres no need to stress about employee turnover ever again. Forget about losing time and money training new employees while lowering productivity. ACC includes enough skilled staff in our Swarm Team, and we provide them with a tailored personal development plan thats unique to their professional aspirations. We believe in setting the right expectations from the start, which ensures both high engagement and client satisfaction. 


2.  Unlock the Knowledge Sharing Potential 

Is your company struggling with misinformed staff, crucial technical information being withheld, and missed opportunities due to lack of collaboration? Youre not alone. The silo syndrome” as McKinsey reported back in 2006, is still relevant today. 86% of employees and executives admit that a lack of communication or collaboration are the reasons for workplace failures (Salesforce).  

ACCs Response: We choose professionals with diverse backgrounds that are eager to grow together as a team. These are open-minded individuals who realize the power of cooperation and teamwork. After upskilling our Swarm Team and establishing the personal development plan of each technical consultant as an individual, the team begins the transfer knowledge process while following best practices and keeping in check with our clients.

3. Knowledge Transfer Done Right 

As part of the three-step application handover process, the knowledge transfer from client to external partner is crucial for providing the necessary application support going forward. In many cases, businesses rush this step and dont include critical framework, design, UX documentation, outlines and READMEs which help the new team grasp the application functionality and purpose entirely and do their job most effectively.  

ACCs Response: To ensure a smooth knowledge transfer to replacement, ACC has implemented a long notice period of at least 3 months. All of the knowledge is written data that is distributed among our 5-member Swarm Team. Bi-weekly Swarm Team workshops take place to spread the knowledge, while following a strict knowledge recording process. Should a Swarm Team member leave the team for any reason, they are bound to undergo a mandatory knowledge transfer of a minimum of 2 months. 

To learn more about the importance of proper knowledge transfer in the 3 step application handover process, we encourage you to download our guide below.

    Meanwhile, check out this page to learn more about the ACC solution, and feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation.