August 11, 2020

How Scalefocus is Helping to Optimize Public Sector Performance


Every day around the world, people are expecting more transparency and support from their country’s leaders and government institutions. Whether it is equal access to educationbetter healthcare, or simply easier administrative processes, citizens are always ready to offer areas for improvement for those working in the public sector. 

This pressure is felt by many countries that are experiencing public sector challenges: lengthy and confusing bureaucratic measures, inaccessible or outdated information, and failure to inform and engage entire communities. With the emergence of new technologies however, governments and public service organizations are beginning to place greater effort in using them to implement new digital strategies to create a more satisfying life for everyone.  

This article will explore some ways in which Scalefocus is optimizing public sector performance through building responsive design websites, effective content management systems and web platforms for social innovation, as well as open source applications which inspire collaboration and promote health and well-being on a global scale.

Responsive Design Brings Greater Engagement 

Public administration services and government institutions often face the common challenge of keeping their online presence alive and keeping their communities engaged, educated and informed. With so much information and procedures to browse through, a site visitor will either become overwhelmed or frustrated and leave. For that reason, offering structured content and applying trusted web-design principles that reflect the unique identity and values of the institutions is critical in overcoming that obstacle. 

In the case of the Bulgarian Embassy in USA, portraying a professional image and maintaining their reputation through a well-designed website was a task that was of utmost importance and had been long-awaited. The embassy was seeking a more creative look, user-friendly layout, greater consistency with a clear organization of sections including related articles, and an overall smooth navigation through appropriate menus and buttons.  

Scalefocus was able to fix these issues and deliver a new website with responsive design that decreased bounce rates, increased the average session duration and improved the entire user experience. The new website now has structured content in both Bulgarian and English, an interactive map of all Bulgarian embassies in the US, as well as a gallery and separate news section.  

Find out what Tihomir Stoychev, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Bulgaria to the United States of America, had to say about the website’s transformation. 

Effective Content Management Raises Awareness 

Iron Paper shares that 64% of nonprofits regularly post content on their blogs to raise awareness. Additionally, 47% of nonprofit marketers agree that lead generation is an important goal for them, leading towards greater donor conversion. 

In order to raise maximum awareness, many charities and third sector organizations must find a way to effectively provide engaging content online to beneficiaries, volunteers, donors that believe in the cause and are searching for a way to help. Implementing an effective content management system ensures that the process of creating, editing, organizing and publishing digital content is smooth and successful. 

As part of an effort to support children with special needs and their families and make their voices heard, Scalefocus partnered with I CAN TOO Foundation to redesign and develop a brand-new website for the NGO. Our team of UX/UI designers and software developers worked alongside I CAN TOO’s team to build an intuitive portal that is easy to navigate and offers enhanced functionalities to its visitors.  

The site’s content management system was modernized, and elements which were hidden before, now clearly stand out and more effectively facilitate donations. Search engine optimization best practices were also employed, providing the foundation with a much wider global presence and chance to attract new visitors while raising greater awareness. To learn more about the project, read here. 

When Technology Meets Social Innovation 

One billion people, or 15% of the world’s population live with a significant disabilityas reported by the World Bank. These individuals may experience extreme challenges throughout their education, health risks, and lower levels of employment, especially in developing countries. The UN issued a statement, that in developing countries, 80-90% of disabled individuals in the working age are unemployed, compared to 50-70% in industrialized countries.  

To tackle this alarming issue head-on, web platforms like Job Care have emerged, which directly connect disabled people to employers looking to fill various positions that reflect their skills and ambitions. Scalefocus was responsible for fully developing the user-friendly web platform, including multiple modules, flexible search features and an integrated job-vacancy database. The project was co-financed by the European Union toward the program “Development of Human Resources.” 

Job Care’s aim was to target Bulgaria’s 120 000 disabled individuals, only 60% of which were active in the labor market. As a platform, Job Care allows job seekers to search for positions that fit their career goals as well as the region they’d like to work in. They can also receive notifications when a position of interest becomes open and apply for the job. Companies that are hiring, can be reached out to, so the individual can express their skills and motivations directly to the employer. 

In its first week after launching, Job Care already had 200 new registrations. Apart from using Job Care to secure a stable and satisfying job, the platform offers services such as consultations, specialized coaching sessions for employers and their staff, career guidance, support in adaptation to the workplace, as well a scored test evaluating a person’s working capacity.  

Job Care is a great example of a successful initiative where modern internet-based technology meets social innovation. For further insight on the development of the custom job platform and our client’s feedback, refer to our case study. 

Open Source and Collaboration 

Open source software continues to be praised for its inclusivity, security and leverage. Out of 950 IT leaders surveyed in the 2020 State of Enterprise Open Source Report, 95 percent declared its importance to their business, while 77 percent mentioned that they will increase their use of open source throughout the year. 

By making a software’s code readily available to the public, many independent developers from around the world can strengthen product or service by spotting bugs, enhancing usability, improving speed, and decreasing costs for maintenance and support. This allows a business to use these extra hands to a maximum advantage. For the enthusiastic initiative takers, using open source also means customizing the code so that it adapts to form an entirely new concept, serving the needs of a different group of people. 

One of the key benefits of open source software is the collaborative aspect. In its core, open source offers inclusivityA strong sense of trust is formed within an ever-expanding community of talented developers that inspire positive change through what they collectively create. Such is the case with ViruSafea mobile app that assists in the fight against Covid-19 by helping users log and track their daily symptoms. The app was developed by Scalefocus in the span of just two weeks. Four other IT companies joined in to assist as part of bigger national system initiative.  

The main goal of ViruSafe was to encourage social responsibility and good health, by letting Bulgarian citizens gain awareness log their daily symptoms. If the symptoms match those associated with the virus, the appropriate medical staff is immediately notified. In addition, through the data collected, users can view hotspots of how the virus is developing in the surrounding regions. This data is also shared with government bodies and research centers to aid them in creating more accurate prediction models. 

To gain further insight on ViruSafe and its features, check out this pageIf you are curious about the development involved, the repo including the source code for Android and iOS can easily be accessed on GitHub. 

Help Contribute Towards a Better Society  

By being open to innovation and advocating for new and improved digital government strategies, a demand to stay informed and educated through technology, we are practicing our civil duty as citizens to create stronger, happier and thriving communities. Let’s shape our society together, towards a more equal, sustainable and inclusive digital future.  

Get in touch with our Public Sector experts who will give you further insight on how we use technology to solve the social challenges of today, and how a partnership with Scalefocus can help contribute to a better society.