April 27, 2020

Protect Your Remote Workforce with Scalefocus Secure Anywhere


The way we work is changing. It’s safe to say, that our world is now experiencing the biggest remote work experiment. Several countries are under lockdown and 69% of professionals are working out of office. This trend will continue to rise even after the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a recent study, 2020 Future of Work Hidden Trends, Gartner reports that the demand for remote work will increase 30% by the year 2030. It is inevitable, as that will be a period in which the tech-savvy Generation Z enters the workforce.

­­­At Scalefocus we are driven by progress. We believe that creativity is our strongest asset to face the challenges ahead. Our purpose is to develop the best solutions that help businesses jump over hurdles placed by modern society. Scalefocus Secure Anywhere is no exception. Read on to learn how our platform addresses the cyber risks of remote work.

We’re Ready to Fight Against Cybercrime

Addressing the shift towards remote work, means first understanding and facing the security risks involved. Ensuring a reliable monitoring and alert system, providing solid infrastructure and enforcing strong compliance and control are efforts which form the backbone of a secure business.

Scalefocus Secure Anywhere provides all the necessary tools needed to stay secure in a single easy-to-use platform.

Monitoring and staying alert

In order to stay secure, companies should establish clear remote-work strategies. They should educate as well as encourage all staff to strictly follow the set rules against cyber-attacks.

Scalefocus Secure Anywhere’s monitoring feature allows for the tracking of employee behavior and encourages proper security practices by praising those who abide to the security awareness rules.

Employees working remotely should be self-disciplined. In similarity to practicing proper hand hygiene, the same importance should be applied to working in a secure workplace environment. If measures such as regular use of VPN and strict personal access to employer-issued devices are not taken seriously, security breaches may occur and go undetected for more than 6 months.

Fortunately, our platform’s inbuilt alerting and notification system makes sure that never happens, by instantly informing administrators of an imminent cyber-attack.

Security hardening configuration

Scalefocus assesses our client’s current configuration and prepares an architecture and design that’s most suitable for the business. We conduct preliminary security hardening on all workstations and servers to ensure that all devices and tools are protected. A centralized log collection gives the big picture of where any vulnerabilities lie.

To take part in the process, Scalefocus advises companies to encrypt their firewalls, networks, and renew any licenses. Servers should be secure and able to handle the increased load of employees working remotely, making work processes run smoothly.

“In today’s world, the remote worker needs to be able to do everything they can do from their desk if you want your organization to remain productive and competitive. Users won’t accept anything less. But, allowing employees to access critical business systems and data from machines and networks you don’t manage or trust means the risk grows exponentially. ”  ⁠— Alex Willis​, Vice President, BlackBerry

Complete visibility and control

Any transfer, collection and storage of data should follow the appropriate state laws and regulations. All applications should be approved, and access to them should be regularly reviewed in order to prevent confidential business information from being revealed.

To achieve that, Scalefocus Secure Anywhere presents our clients with custom dashboards that display important security objectives to be met, as well as real-time data visualization giving greater clarity on current projects. The aim is to make work efficient and secure, while encouraging collaboration and teamwork between departments.

A Scalable and Reliable Solution

Scalefocus Secure Anywhere is a custom platform which is entirely flexible in meeting the needs of its clients. We know that each business niche has its own goals, and our industry experts have kept this in mind when contributing to its design.

­­­Using AI to investigate impeding attacks and implementing scenario-based threat hunting playbooks are just some of the tactics Scalefocus uses in winning the fight against cybercrime in a remote work environment.

We’ve developed a software platform that ensures your business is secure on all fronts. Our platform’s unique features directly correspond to the security challenges posed by the growing trend of a remote work environment.

What are the benefits?

  • Instant alerts and notifications. Administrators are automatically notified of any suspicious activity and threat to your infrastructure and network.
  • Quick incidence response. Minimize damage and reduce recovery time and costs by swiftly responding to incidents.
  • Complete visibility and control. Evaluate and analyze key objectives with real-time data visualization in custom dashboards.
  • Reliable threat prevention. Reduce the risk of a data breach and prevent cyber-attacks 24/7.
  • Smart monitoring. Maximize your team’s productivity by monitoring employee behavior and rewarding hard work and good security practices.
  • Easy setup. We’ll help you install the software ourselves within 7 business days.

Fully Secure and Compliant by Design

In the midst of a great crisis, our engineers realized the lack of IT and Security resources available to businesses, and their inability to enable and move remote strategies to an endpoint. Scalefocus Secure Anywhere was created as a flexible solution that assists in creating an investigative workflow approach for threat hunters.

To address the issue of a lack of security in the remote work environment, Scalefocus has applied the best industry standards when developing its security hardening process. Quality logs were gathered from all endpoints and servers in a centralized cloud platform, after which strict correlation rules were created. Following its initial implementation, security risks were reduced by 85%.

In addition, our team has implemented out-of-the-box protective controls and detection policies for maintaining full compliance.

You can Trust our Expertise

Our Cyber Security team has been recognized by Clutch as a leader in providing world-class cyber security solutions. We are inspired by innovation and stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry. As a company, Scalefocus takes great pride in investing in young bright minds and is partnering with SRH Hochschule Berlin to give birth to the next generation of cyber security experts.

Fair Pricing Plans

Scalefocus Secure Anywhere provides continued protection against cyber threats through a subscription-based model. We chose this approach, as it provides the most flexible pricing for our clients. We know that every business need is different. That is why we encourage you to carefully review the features of our Starter, Advanced and Premium plans. If you need any guidance in your decision-making process, contact our Cyber Security Team, who’ll be happy to give you further insight into the right plan for you.

A Secure Future Depends on Us

Now is the time to join us and shape a future that enables everyone to work confidently and securely from anywhere in the world. Together, we can build an environment which brings out the best of our skills and abilities. Our combined efforts and self-discipline will help push us ahead, and eventually lead us to victory in the fight against cyber attacks once and for all.