April 29, 2020

Winning Strategies to Grow Your eCommerce Business


Unstable social and economic conditions are rustling the leaves and howling in winds of disruption in the eCommerce ecosystem. Store owners are being forced to reevaluate their manufacturing capabilities and establish new customer service processes. In addition, since the outbreak of Covid-19, phishing scams and data breaches have been on the rise.

Over the years, Scalefocus has proven itself as a leader in providing sustainable solutions for the eCommerce industry. Despite the fragile state the world is currently in, our company is working hard to develop the best tools and services to help businesses overcome the challenges brought forth.

It’s Time to Adapt to the Changes

SCMP reports that retail sales in China have dropped by 20.5% since coronavirus came around, industrial production plunging by 13.5%. This serves as a dire warning to the rest of the world. It has also led many brick and mortar stores to shift gears and market their products online, entering the eCommerce industry. However, out of stock inventory and miscalculated advertising plans are preventing those business from making a profit.

Things seem brighter, for those already experienced in selling online. The U.S. government predicts that online sales will increase by 0.6%, and a total of 12% of consumers will be shopping online from home in 2020. With a sought-out product and a well-defined marketing strategy, businesses may find a way to use the shift of consumer behavior to their advantage.

Still, it should be noted that as the urge of panic purchasing is settling down, and consumers are steering clear from shopping centers, extreme shipment delays are expected. This issue should push stores to think creatively and implement tools such as advanced package tracking, instant-response chat widgets, and loyalty reward systems. Customer satisfaction should always be the key motivator to face such challenges head-on.

Product shortages are also impacting previously established supply chain processes. Customers are frantically jumping around different sites in search of what they’re looking for and are getting upset when they don’t find it. It is therefore critical, to create and communicate a new alternative solution with them promptly. This may include sharing a real-time log of backorders in the form of a waiting list. Another option is to present mix-and-match deals and BOGO sales on popular in stock items.

Ready, Set, Strategize!

It is becoming clearer, that without a solid strategy and a realistic timeframe for execution, many eCommerce companies will struggle in their fight with the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe that Scalefocus can help guide you in the right direction.

  1. Enrich your online store portfolio. Scalefocus is helping customers adapt to the obstacles presented by Covid-19. Innovation, agility, and smart decision making are part of what it takes to achieve that. Our goal in these challenging times is to develop products adjusted to the specifics of a business niche, while significantly cutting down the time to market. Our Product Management team is ensuring seamless work continuity, increased velocity, and fast delivery in its vital role as the connection between business stakeholders and the engineering teams.
  2. Practice proactive problem solving. Our Engineering and Operations teams can discover and mitigate issues before they occur by using multiple monitoring and visibility tools and integrating them together. This gives us full visibility, understanding and dependency mapping in order to expose potential bottlenecks and single points of failure. The network operations center (NOC), effectively covers the off-hours shifts, removing the need for night shifts in US-based entities.
  3. Stay secure on all fronts. The combined strength and dedication from Scalefocus’ Security and Monitoring teams prevents cyberattacks from happening and ensures a stable speed of processing and fulfilling of orders during heavy traffic. The continued positive feedback we receive from clients has recognized us as a 2020 Clutch Leader. In addition, our custom-built platform Scalefocus Secure Anywhere, makes sure your remote workforce is protected 24/7.
  4. Use smart logistics tools. Scalefocus has partnered with Bringg, to offer businesses a delivery orchestration platform that digitizes and connects all aspects of your supply chain so you can easily gain business insights, improve warehouse and driver management, and cut costs of delivery operations. In addition, by using Transmetrics’ predictive optimization application, you’ll be able to reach maximum capacity utilization of transport leading to more delivered parcels on time.

Opportunities for Growth

A highly organized structure of specialists in Software Engineering, Product Management, Quality Assurance and Operations set Scalefocus apart as a top performing Excellence Development Center. For us, focusing on the direct needs of the client is critical, and that means going above and beyond of what is expected.

In the case of one of our largest eCommerce clients, a leading U.S. manufacturer and digital retailer, the benefits of choosing Scalefocus were evident.

  • Improved rate of Time to Market. Automated processes allow for a 2-month product to be deployed in just 2 weeks.
  • Full technical ownership. Product management identifies a strategy and communicates the exact scope to software architecture and design teams.
  • Robust software. The code is optimized to perform fast and error-free.
  • Cost efficiency. Staffing and onboarding are eliminated, as is the need for office space. Instead, clients have access to a pool of talented engineers and valuable resources.
  • More happy customers. Our network operations center (NOC) makes sure all aspects of customer support are running smoothly. It also removes the need for US-night shifts.

Among many achievements, the pillar of our success Nemesis, is an inhouse built eCommerce platform that gives online store owners a cost-effective way to digitally transform their business.  Compared to other leading platforms, ours is built to lower your TCO by 75%. It’s one single place, where omni-channel customer engagement and effective product management meet and come to life. Of course, all the features are fully customizable to a client’s objectives.

Need a Solution? We’ll Make It

Apart from being able to create a custom eCommerce platform that reflects your unique business objectives, Scalefocus is ready to develop many digital tools that will help increase your customer engagement and boost your ROI. In response to the challenges presented by the coronavirus, we are ready to offer content management, Data API services and mobile app development. Get in touch with our eCommerce solution experts now and find out how to take your business to the next level.