Our services will help you to get business value from your IoT data, and meet all challenges in the evolving IoT environments, where devices and applications are highly distributed. Leaving you with the ability to fully concentrate and focus on your core business.

The deep technical expertise that we possess gives enterprises the tools and technologies to reliably integrate, analyze, build and deploy IoT solutions, that deliver analytical insights from real-time into existing applications.


Areas of expertise:


IoT is Transforming & Upgrading the Automotive Industry dramatically. The question is - Who’s gonna drive you home?
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Telco & Video streaming

Deploying Internet of Things in the telecom industry changes the communication dynamics betweenpeople and devices. To achieve better user experience, telecoms are revolutionizing the entire industry by changing operations, services, supply chain, inventory, and network fragmentations and IoT applications are the very essence of this vigorous journey.
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Embedded systems in The Internet of Everything

The growth potential for the embedded industry is enormous, and the technological stack is expanding every day.
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IoT Security

Our lives have moved far deeper into the digital world in the past years by bringing to the fore smart corporation, smart cities, smart governances, smart homes and etc. Naturally new threats have evolved as the internet of things (IoT) changed the way people interact with technology. To keep, our lives and our business safe and secure, new security countermeasures must be developed and implemented. As a managed services provider (MSP), IoT devices are characterized with more access points and potential for vulnerabilities, that inevitably require all their users to take under serious consideration.
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Data management and Cloud integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming how individuals and organisations connect with customers, suppliers, partners, and other individuals
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