IoT is Transforming & Upgrading the Automotive Industry dramatically. The question is - Who’s gonna drive you home?

Key benefits

Improve road safety

Solve traffic congestion in cities

Reduce pollution and energy expenditure

Lead to better roads

Improve city parking & parking lots


  • The progressive software innovations are successively unlocking huge potential for differentiation for OEMs and Auto Makers by establishing new ways of up-selling services and delivering new features and applications to consumers who demand for greater HMI user experience, security, fuel efficiency and emissions reductions.
  • The solutions enable Auto Makers to manage the car software by introducing automation, security and analytics to the after-sales service management process, helping to save time and costs, mitigate risk, and attract and retain customers.
  • Connected Car
  • HMI Infotainment Development
  • Autonomous Driving Quality Assurance – Firmware Automation:
    •  Continuous Integration;
    • Automated Tests and Verification;
    •  Localization and Flash orchestration.
  • Supply & Logistics Management
  • Enterprise Portal Solutions
  • Live Analytics and Monitoring:
    •  Live Visualization & Reporting;
    •  Global Monitoring and Alerting;
    •  Gather & Analyze.