IoT Security

Our lives have moved far deeper into the digital world in the past years by bringing to the fore smart corporation, smart cities, smart governances, smart homes and etc.

Naturally new threats have evolved as the internet of things (IoT) changed the way people interact with technology. To keep, our lives and our business safe and secure, new security countermeasures must be developed and implemented. As a managed services provider (MSP), IoT devices are characterized with more access points and potential for vulnerabilities, that inevitably require all their users to take under serious consideration.

Why it is important

Even the initial setup of security systems can be difficult for those unfamiliar with the subject. A comprehensive security system is made up of many pieces, each of which needs specialized knowledge. Beyond setup, each aspect of security is constantly evolving. New technology creates new opportunities for accidental security leaks, while hackers take advantage of holes in security to do damage, as soon as they find them. Many critical functions are entrusted to connected devices, and a sophisticated attack could easily lead to disastrous consequences. IoT devices require special security precautions, because interacting with a largely unsecured external network, leaves them vulnerable to cyberattacks. Using unsecure or not properly secured IoT devices, can easily lead to compromising of data, assets and even entire organizations. The primary reason companies struggle with securing IoT, is hidden in their rush to get IoT devices launched on the market, which hinders them from implementing proper defense mechanisms.

Offers organization wide protection

It will help you respond to evolving security threats

Data breaches are expensive, implementing early security mechanism will be more cost efficient in time

Regulations and compliance mechanisms have become tighter and more complicated for implementation

It will help you protect your data confidentiality, availability and integrity

Improving our company’s culture and brand name

How do we it?

Our Elite Forces Specialist in Security operation and implementation will help you build secure infrastructure for your IoT devices, based on your business and needs, customising it to face all threats distinctive for your segment of work.

We will:

  • Examine your current infrastructure or help you build a brand new one with implementation of Secure Design and Architecture principles.
  • Test all mechanisms, related to security controls in IoT
  • Advise you onon the implementation of implementing proper defense mechanism, in order to help you achieve your business goals and keep your assets safe
  • Advise you on the biggest risks facing our your organization and help you prioritize threats
  • Implement the right countermeasures and defense controlsmechanisms, quired to build a secure IoT environment
  • Become your partner in Cyber Security