Telcoms & Video streaming

Deploying Internet of Things in the telecom industry changes the communication dynamics betweenpeople and devices. To achieve better user experience, telecoms are revolutionizing the entire industry by changing operations, services, supply chain, inventory, and network fragmentations and IoT applications are the very essence of this vigorous journey.

Key Benefits:

IoT defines virtual connections between different devices, connected through the same internetwork. Enabling more connections from one device to another, facilitates transparency, security, and safety in communication, data transferring and storing, which acts as the main function of the system. Virtually built networks in smartphones can connect to other devices within the same network range for sharing and casting information, is an example of an IoT integrated telecom device. The connectivity layer in IoT is a telecom network, which indicates IoT as an inseparable part of the telecommunications environment.


  • Streaming Expertise – We work with many of the world’s most distinctive companies in the video streaming industry. This means we’ve got you covered when it comes to delivering a high-quality streaming service.
  • Scalability – We’ll tailor a scalable solution for your business needs – regardless whether you need to distribute live streams in an origin and edge-point configuration, or you’re a video-on-demand service.
  • Optimizations – many providers have the IT infrastructure, systems and network that supports the rapidly evolving IoT business models —all they really need to do is to optimize them.
  • Custom development – We at Addon Web Solutions, design and create IoT apps that associate your products as best IoT development company. This encourages cloud services platform to enable you with remote monitoring and correspondence. We enable you to change over your thoughts into reality, subsequently conveys best custom IoT app development services that are straightforward, effective and engaging.