Meet the current market demands in a quick and cost-effective manner

Become an early adopter of lightweight technology solutions, which go live within 8 to 16 weeks to bring instant business value. 

The New Normal

In an era where customers are disrupting the logistics sector with a constant demand for higher speed and quality of their deliveries, companies need to quickly adjust if they want to survive. All this backed-up by expectations for lower costs, real-time tracking opportunities for the packages, and flawless customer experience make the lives of 3PLs and CEPs even more complicated. End customers want to see everything connected to their purchase with a single click and do not care about the actual complexity of the entire process. The era of digital transformation is running at full speed, and expectations towards logistics and transportation companies are growing within seconds.  

Another common scenario, this time faced by online businesses, is the decline in already ordered parcels due to slow delivery or inability to fulfill the order during peak times such as Black Fridays, seasonal shopping, and more. Excellent inventory management backed by solid data analysis and the ability to make predictions is vital in such situations.   

Old-school and Heavy ERP Systems are Not Fit for This

Facing tomorrow’s challenges of logistics is a competition and old-school slow-moving ERP software won’t take you make you a winner. Early adopters of agile lightweight technology solutions, which go-live within 8 to 16 weeks to bring instant business value make the entire logistics lifecycle a well-oiled machine. 

Early adopters of such technologies outperform competitors as their data is leveraged and put to use via: 

Clear and Concise Communication

Knowing what’s happening at any given point through notifications.

Big Data Analysis

Creating efficiency by digitizing every resource of the fulfillment network so as every pillar is optimized.

Gathering Intelligence

Tracking data, applying metrics, searching for the best performance indicators, improving the service, and bringing the right options and offers to the appropriate customer.

Advanced Software Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

At Scalefocus, we help transportation companies and logistics service providers implement next-generation software solutions, which bring their business forward by leveraging the power of predictive data analytics, AI-driven automation and data orchestration across the entire logistics value chain. Our solutions enhance customer experience, help you to wisely allocate assets and budgets to sustainably grow your businesses. 

Seamless Digital Supply Chain Collaboration – Coordinate and Monitor in Real-Time

Shippers tend to rely on manual or only partly digitalized processes when it comes to their supply chain collaboration with carriers. This logistics inefficiency holds a great potential for cost reduction and savings. To avoid uncertainties and lower your logistics cost, a fully digitalized and flexible system which feeds information in both directions – from the potential carriers back to the shipper and vice versa is needed. 

Our software solution seamlessly connects all the dots to create a fully digitalized supply chain collaboration network. The opportunity to monitor your logistics in real-time greatly increases transparency and visibility of your operations. Our clients report that after they decided to digitalize their logistics, they experienced an average of 10% reduction on transportation costs and assigned 3 times more of truckloads per day. 

Here are some of the solution’s key features: 

  • Orchestrate shipments across internal fleet, haulage providers and a vast carrier network 
  • One platform with operational panels for any type of shippers/carriers/freight forwarders 
  • Transfer live data and documents across the entire logistics chain: ETA, POD, incident monitor, etc. 
  • Allows you to request, negotiate, assign transport orders and control execution 

Gain visibility and control over your logistics chain now

Last-Mile Delivery Orchestration

Improve your delivery and operational efficiency by entrusting our delivery orchestration solutions. We solve the complex data puzzle to provide enterprises with the most efficient way to manage their complex delivery operations. Businesses across multiple verticals can keep up with the rapidly expanding delivery momentum by digitizing and connecting their entire supply chain. Using our solutions, 3PLs and CEPs easily orchestrate delivery and fulfillment to manage, measure and track their entire delivery ecosystem. 

Scalefocus’ years of expertise, delivering digital transformation to businesses for Fortune 50 companies, combined with our consultants’ extensive knowledge and experience in the logistics domain, will take your business ahead in the last mile delivery competition.  

Let’s look at some of the key features of our Last-Mile Delivery Orchestration solution: 

  • Multi-3PL Fleet integration 
  • Manages Last-Mile for parcels, groceries, bulk goods (incl. white glove handling) 
  • Crowd-sourced scaling for timecritical deliveries and peak seasons     
  • Direct-to-Consumer operations with tailored brand experience and full control over CX in delivery process 
  • Enabled Click & Collect (Curbside), Reverse Logistics, Next day and same day. etc. 

Turn your last-mile operations from cost to value driver 

Unlock the Power of Data for Improved Demand Forecasting and Predictive Asset Optimization

When talking about optimization and making accurate predictions, based on real data, our technology solutions bring an all-in game to help your logistics business make the right decisions and satisfy the unpredictable customer demand. 

Our predictive analytics solutions enable smart resource optimization in freight, cargo and courier express parcel. The software will help you to quickly identify any asset underutilization and serve as a single point of truth, which gives you all the data you need to make accurate predictions.  

Scalefocus has the expertise in big data and cutting-edge technology, which results in crafting next-generation software solutions to help logistics thrive today and be resilient in the future. We are a trusted partner of CEPs, which want to improve their asset management and have seen how our solutions lower costs, bring-in efficiency in operations and enhance their ability to make accurate predictions, based on real data.  

Here are some of the benefits of our solution: 

  • Optimizes linehaul and cross dock utilization and efficiency 
  • Gives a realtime view on strategic KPIs, e.g., profitability by customer, lane, tour, tender, etc. 
  • Improves customer service levels and lowers the cost of service 
  • Moves past historical business intelligence and steps into the world of algorithmic driven prescriptive analytics in logistics 

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