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With the rise of mobile technologies, accessing data from anywhere and at any time is a must in every industry. Many conservative enterprise organizations are unable to transform internal processes and systems into ones that are effective and easy to use by employees and customers. 

In response, we offer clients our widespread background and experience in analyzing and developing concrete plans for mobile-first digital transformations.


Native Application Development

We provide your customers with superior UX and improve your team productivity with apps for internal use. Your expenses will be cut through process automation, and you’ll enjoy visibility over your performance through a wide range of metrics and analytics. 

Cross-Platform Application Development

Achieve greater exposure with personalized apps that run on Android and iOS while maintaining a single code base. Take advantage of reduced development costs. Create effective PoCs and business idea validations.

Legacy App Support

Our cross-functional teams take on any existing project, offering flexible support and maintenance. We review your codebase to detect any potential flaws that may harm your product while increasing security. You can choose from various options -  team structure, availability, resource allocation and utilization.

Application Modernization

We’ll analyze your existing solutions, report any areas for improvement, and problematic aspects reducing performance, reliability and longevity. Then we’ll integrate new features by extending our understanding of your product and its codebase, adjusting requirements and specifications on the go.

Technology Expertise


Technology Expertise


We can perfectly analyze our customer’s goals and suggest the best technologies based on our expertise. Depending on the requirements and on the end goal of the client, we can suggest the best approach for your case and then deliver it with excellence.


At Scalefocus, we provide a full development life cycle. We start with a business analysis of the requirements, following pixel-perfect UI design and natural, easy-to-use UX design. At the earliest stage, we involve our mobile experts to suggest the best mobile practices in every department. We can perfectly analyze our customer’s goals and suggest the best technologies based on our expertise.


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Telecom & Media

Creating a Self-Care App for a Global Telco Provider


Technology Strategy

Mobile Solution for Geospatial Activities


Telecom & Media

Premium Video App Development

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