GоIns successful validation | ScaleFocus
May 23, 2016

GоIns successful validation


Last year ScaleFocus team has designed a mobile application for the insurance domain – GOIns. ScaleFocus’ solution was shortlisted amongst the top 10 selected finalists from Poland, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria. After the last round there were 3 finalists wining the challenge together with ScaleFocus.

Today, we are proud to share that GOIns has successfully passed the second stage of SAP’s mobile application validation and is about to get official certification within couple of months.

About the solution

The application was inspired by the team’s years of technical and business experience in the insurance domain. GOIns’ functionality and design adheres to its’ Business Model of a Multisided Platform servicing several client segments at once. As part of company’s plans to grow in the SAP domain the application was enhanced to take the advantages of the infinite power and analytical capabilities that Hana Cloud Platform offers. It enables insurance mobility through flexible, yet streamlined communication between customers and insurance, leasing or retail companies. It delivers daily content on-demand at your mobile device using SAP Hana cloud Platform.

Visit our YouTube page to see GOIns’ demo and our website for more information about the mobile insurance solution.

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