February 26, 2015

IT Project of the year 2014 – InTime Courier (UPS) and ScaleFocus with high recognition


Focus Courier – a solution by ScaleFocus for InTime was placed in top three at the “IT Project of the Year 2014” competition in the category “National IT projects in the corporate sector”.

“ScaleFocus’ solution for InTime helped us increase our profits with 14%. The system contributed for the 100% completion of all placed orders. We improved the stage of customers’ service and minimized the probable mistakes” – share at InTime.

The solution has a modular architecture which allows for easier future improvements, new functionality and overall growth. It supports integration with multiple external systems and is integrated with all related to InTime’s operations systems. The courier system manages the dispatching of all company’s shipments. It enables full traceability and transparency of the business processes. Facilitates the automated load and invoicing of bill of ladings. Monitors all pickups and payments. In order to ensure the necessary level of data confidentiality, the users are granted limited rights on a need-to-know basis.

Competition’s main goals are to distinguish the most valuable IT projects of the year and to emphasize on the changing IT landscape in Bulgaria, facilitated by implementations of enterprise IT solutions.

It was the 11th annual edition of the competition organized by Computerworld magazine.