September 20, 2017

Norwegian Delegation in Sofia: IT companies bridging Norway and Bulgaria


On 19-20 September, our capital was honourable host of a special visit of top technology companies from Norway. The delegation was organized by Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM) and IKT Grenland/ IKT Telemark.

It was a great opportunity to participate in the initiative and reveal the power of the Bulgarian IT environment. The delegation members obtained knowledge on what common project opportunities can be tackled.

BASSCOM and ICT Telemark are in a process to sign an agreement to strengthen the cooperation between Norwegian and Bulgarian IT companies. The Norwegian authorities have an ambition to achieve increased interaction between the respective IT and technology champions from both countries.

Forward, there will be activities that will encourage business exchange and develop trust between companies and organizations. This is only the start of a long-term program that will build many exciting and innovative bridges between Norway and Bulgaria.

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