June 19, 2018

ScaleFocus Opens its third Software Development Center in Bulgaria


Today (18th of June 2018) at the ground floor of the Côte d’Azur Residence, Burgas, ScaleFocus officially opened its third office and software development center in Bulgaria. At the event, the company invited key partners, all local universities, the mayor of Burgas, Burgas municipality representatives and regional media representatives to share its strategy for expansion and planned initiatives in the fourth largest city in Bulgaria.

Dimitar Nikolov, Mayor of Burgas was an official guest at the event and gave his greeting towards the software delivery center’s opening. The strategic goal behind the development of this future center of excellence is to share the company’s knowledge and contribute to the professional education in the region. Burgas has been very proactive in attracting major Bulgarian software development companies in the city.


Return to Burgas, Software Development Edition

Various ScaleFocus team members also attended the opening event, some of them with the intent to return in Burgas and continue their software development career in the beautiful city. ScaleFocus has launched a specialized campaign “Return to Burgas” dedicated to all Burgas’ citizens who have moved to work and live in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv. The campaign is also primarily targeting Bulgarians who live abroad, but are looking for a way to return. The company is providing assistance with relocation, a special relocation bonus and help with other activities regarding software developers who would like to work from Burgas.

You can find more information about the campaign by following this link: https://careers.scalefocus.com/burgas/ 

Here’s what our Burgas Site Lead had to share on the development plan

We are really excited to take this step in our growth! ScaleFocus is now one of the top Bulgarian software development companies and it is a logical step for us to expand outside the capital and the second largest city in Bulgaria, Plovdiv. After successfully opening and developing our second software delivery location in Plovdiv we decided that we have gained enough experience in remote delivery from more than one location. Now that our customers and colleagues are used to working with multiple offices it is a lot easier to expand in Burgas.

We have build strong processes and communication flow to allow for smooth and quality delivery of our software projects. We’ve also mastered remote training of colleagues and fast project initiation. All this experience will be brought to Burgas. We are looking forward to a very strong team, to lead the transformation of the Burgas IT landscape to a higher level.

We aiming to have about 20 software developers by the end of 2018 and 50 by the end of 2019. We are in Burgas to forge a strong software delivery center and keep growing.

One of our main goals is to work really closely with the local universities (University of prof. dr. Assen Zlatarov and Burgas Free University) and schools. We are striving to bring the educational level, especially in software development and engineering disciplines, to a better preparation for the young talents entering the software business. We are string for academics aligned with what the business needs and what the trends in the global industry are. Our plans are to assist with lectures as well as practice sessions and training programs in our offices.

Another goal is to strengthen the local IT community by sharing our experience accumulated by software specialists in all our offices. We are looking forward to organize various software events in Burgas, spanning over different topics – from Java, .NET, Front-end technologies through industry know-how and to specialized IT domains like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and other.

Last, but not least we are a socially responsible company looking to make a change. Our CSR strategy incorporates helping local communities through technology as a centerpiece of our competences. We are looking forward to work with the citizens of Burgas, the municipality and different NGOs to make Burgas an even better place to live in.

Being completely honest the innovations, infrastructure projects and the beauty of the city really strike us and it was quite easy to decide which will be the third delivery center we will open. Of course the Burgas municipality helped us a lot with taking this step and being very proactive. We would like to thank them for being so open and warm in welcoming us here.

Metodi Amov | Burgas Site Lead


Video from the Official Opening of our third software development center in Burgas

And last but not least, if you are up for the challenge to craft software with us move to Burgas or you are already living in the city and have programming experience or even if you are simply interested in developing your software career check-out our open positions and apply.