February 9, 2019

ScaleFocus received “Brand of Excellence in Innovation”


ScaleFocus was nobled with a special Brand of Excellence in Innovation on a special ceremony at the Presidency of Republic of Bulgaria.

The award in the “Innovative Enterprise of the Year” national contest is given annually to Bulgarian enterprises and start-ups which have successfully developed and introduced innovations to national and global markets. The contest aims to demonstrate successful Bulgarian business models based on innovation and new technologies and to attract public attention to the achievements of Bulgarian enterprises in the area.

The innovation performance of companies is evaluated by an independent jury on the grounds of data provided by the companies and in-depth technology audits of the applicants.

Applicants are evaluated against a special methodology by an expert panel and a jury in the following categories:

  • Market leadership
  • Quality of life
  • Green Innovation
  • Innovation Management
  • Social Innovation
  • Innovation for talents’ development/in support of talents
  • Innovative start-up enterprise (up to three years from establishment)
  • Innovation in creative industries

The mark is made available for use by companies that have successfully passed a rating by experts from the Foundation and a jury of leading Bulgarian organizations and institutions within the contest. The evaluation criteria for acquiring the right to use the brand for “Innovation excellence” include high quality and originality of innovations, impact of the national and global market, on the environment and society, efficiency of the business model.