May 17, 2018

ScaleFocus at “The Future of Digitization and Entrepreneurship in Burgas” conference


Announcing its plans to open an office in Burgas in June 2018, one of ScaleFocus’ goals shared was the support and activities for growth of the local IT ecosystem. The company continued its consistent presence in the Burgas region by attending “The Future of Digitization and Entrepreneurship in Burgas” conference, organized by the Digitization and Implementation of New Technologies Foundation and Municipality of Burgas.

The event took place on the 15th of May in the Exhibition Center Flora in the town. Representatives of local universities and businesses with interests in the field of digital technologies visited the conference.

Metodi Amov, Business Development Manager at ScaleFocus, shared ScaleFocus’ experience in digitalization projects and how BigData applies within them.

The first question from the audience was “Why we chose Burgas as next destination for our development centers in Bulgaria?”

For us, the pinpoints are that infrastructure in the town is stable and growing (incl. roads, buildings, entertainment etc.). We have a durable support from the Mayor, the Municipality and local businesses. An ecosystem is being shaped, which is very crucial for the growth of “Digital Burgas”. Moreover, we are collaborating with universities on several joint events, projects and young talents’ programs.

Mr Amov also shared ScaleFocus’ experience with entrepreneurship and innovation ideas – an in-house Innovation Challenge, R&D center, many EU financed innovation projects. He identified four trends of Digital transformation with Big Data:

  • IoT and 5G – the future of acquiring Big Data through the various devices.
  • Data Analytics – finding problems through data and solving them, Business Intelligence, Data visualization
  • Artificial Intelligence – automation in service with people and the potential in the tourism industry
  • Blockchain – a tool to help achieve the above three Big Data and digitalization points easier in a more secure manner.

At the event, Municipality’s representatives gave their vision for the development of the region’s digitalization and entrepreneurship over the next decade.

“Indeed, very good strategy was presented, especially the idea for centralized collection, storage and analytics of data from different systems and IoT sensors and devices. I support their thoughts in utilizing open data standards.

Afterwards, they need to promote to potential entrepreneurs, who can leverage this data. Work even more with IT companies and citizens on collecting more data”, he summarized.

Metodi Amov concluded with a story why ScaleFocus’ Silicon Valley customers chose us over all other competitors from other countries:

“Bulgaria is lower scale, but very higher quality outsourcing destination. The reason for the high quality are the people. We should focus on the people. “