August 23, 2019

ScaleFocus Created the New Website of Young Diplomats in London


We are extremely happy to announce that the new website of Young Diplomats in London is live!

Although our focus is on large enterprise software systems initiatives, we keep looking for projects that have a social impact. Software projects that can boost the online presence of our partners or are connected to meaningful organizations that align with our vision and values. Young Diplomats in London (YDL) is one of these organizations.

As they write on their brand-new website:

“Within our team, we have gathered the best people who stand behind their promise to navigate and help”.

We feel the same way about the people of ScaleFocus and our customers.

“We are happy with the work that ScaleFocus and especially Vasil Georgiev and his team have done for us. He has been wonderful and great!”

Wilfred T. Adderley II | President | Young Diplomats in London

ScaleFocus won the trust of the Young Diplomats in London with our vast knowledge in online platforms development, social media integration and the engagement that we showed toward their goal – create a website with a fresh, young corporate aesthetic that captures their essence. We are continuing our strategic work with diplomatic websites after the successful rebuilding of the sites of the Bulgarian Embassy in the UK and the Bulgarian Embassy in the USA.

The new web page follows all the modern software and visual trends. It is easy to navigate, with a user-friendly interface, fresh look and well-structured information about the association, its sponsors and its activities.

Screenshot from the new website of Young Diplomats in London showing the menu and a picture of young people at an official event.

The Young Diplomats in London’s website is more than just the face of the organization. The site is a portal for existing and new members that want to connect with YDL through an easy to navigate solution.

“We won the trust of Young Diplomats in London with our experience and our engagement to build the modern online presence of the organization. We, at ScaleFocus, always strive to be involved in projects that we believe in and that we share similar values with.”

Lyubomira Mihaylova | Managing Director | ScaleFocus UK

About Young Diplomats in London

Young Diplomats in London is a voluntary organization for foreign diplomats in London. Its main mission is to create a connection between them, to help, guide, promote and establish true lifelong friendships. YDL is committed to making a real difference through a wide range of charitable causes. It has more than 2,000 members. Now, with the new website, we wish them even more successful events and stronger connections with their members.

We can’t wait to be part of one of YDL’s charity events. As they say, “there are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet”.

We are happy that we can call them friends.