March 2, 2017

ScaleFocus’ CTO and Senior Employee Relations Specialist with Awards from the Annual HR Awards 2016


At a special ceremony held on the 23rd of February, the winners of the annual HR Awards of BAPM 2016 were announced.

ScaleFocus’ CTO Viktor Bilyanski got the most prestigious award in ‘The most committed to managing people organisational Leader of the Year” category. An additional jury award for exceptional professional achievements was given to Aleksandar Stoimenov, Senior Employee Relations Specialist.

For 13th time in row the Bulgarian Association of People Management recognized the most successful professionals and projects in the field of human resources management, stated the status of a socially responsible organization working for the sustainable development of business, and the good employers and their advantage in the labour market in Bulgaria.

More information about the applications of the winners as well as those of other candidates in each category can be found on the competition website HERE.

About BAPM

The Bulgarian Association for People Management (BAPM) is a non-governmental organization, established to support and develop the professionals in the people management field.

Their annual HR Awards is a project for sharing and recognising innovative and successful practices implemented at national level (in Bulgaria).

The ideas and objectives of the competition are: publicity and recognition for work related achievements, for creating added value of HR for the organizations: development of HR profession and the HR industry in Bulgaria.

The competition encourages authorship, creative approach to the profession and the creation of new, unique products and projects effectively put into practice in a specific time range – the year for which the corresponding edition of the annual awards is about.


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