September 20, 2017

ScaleFocus in eHealth – Social meets Digital and Artificial Intelligence for Improved Life


Ever since its establishment, ScaleFocus has been investing in R&D and innovation. Be it for preselecting, testing and packaging new technologies for customers’ business and industry needs or realizing a creative idea of a team member, we have followed a sustainable, yet scalable business model, cooperating with partners, clients, associations, startups, NGOs, hospitals and universities to drive disruption and excellence.

We recognize the importance of being socially responsible by solving social problems with innovative solutions. ScaleFocus has a background in supporting such initiatives, like pro-bono projects for NGOs, universities and more. Our team helped ‘I can too‘ flourish, by building a modern website. We are also engaged in helping a German startup to launch an application for nursing care of elderly people – a next generation of digitalization with a human touch.

All these investments over time, logically led to establishing connections with proven organizations in executing national and international social projects. Thus, our participation as the software partner in a consortium under the Horizon 2020, European Union financed research program. The project was approved with 14.5 points out of 15. A leading partner in this initiative is the Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy. The integrated system will incorporate artificial intelligence to assist elderly people in their daily lives. We are the software design and implementation partner, who will cover the software development and its integration with hardware part of the project.

This innovative solution aims to create a high-tech modular system, which will follow through the habits and daily lives of elderly people. A Virtual Assistant will gather the necessary information from sensors, store the data in a centralised data base and analyse key indicators to provide assistance, when needed. For example, if the user slips in the bathroom, the system will automatically signal his relatives and nearby neighbours about the accident. If they do not respond within five minutes, the assistant will forward the alert to other contacts or respective institutions, etc.

Due to this and other initiatives around innovation, we opened a specialized R&D Centre. The Virtual Assistant will be created and integrated by a dedicated team of software engineers, testers, data scientist and DevOps experts.