January 31, 2020

ScaleFocus Empowers Digital Transformation in the Insurance Sector


Why are we forming an InsurTech team?

The financial services sector is an extremely competitive one. Players that do not have solid technological foundations often fail to keep up to the ongoing trends in the current dynamic environment. One of ScaleFocus’ main goals is providing a competitive edge to our customers by taking care of their technology and letting them focus on their core business strategy.

The newly formed InsurTech unit has an experienced team of top professionals, who live and breathe insurance. They understand the market very well, sense the upcoming trends and leverage the technological power of ScaleFocus.

Our mission is empowering digital transformation in the insurance sector.

Our insurance dream team invents, implements and supports bespoke software solutions that are efficient and sustainable in terms of business-specifics and technology.

InsurTech team, targets, partnerships

The InsurTech unit currently comprises of 20+ dedicated experts, ready to consult our customers and implement the most suitable software solutions to successfully address their needs. The InsurTech Director in ScaleFocus, Nikolay Shekerov has vast experience with insurance technology. Over the last 2 decades ha has led digitization and transformation projects in multiple insurers operating in different countries. Nikolay also held the CIO position in local insurance companies for 7 years and is a member of the Management Board of CIO Club Bulgaria.

“I strongly believe that the technology expertise in ScaleFocus and our deep understanding of our clients’ business are the two pillars that enable us to provide innovative solutions on a higher level. On a market as competitive as today, a player can get to and stay at the top only by constantly innovating and adapting. We are excited to innovate and adapt with our clients and we certainly have the right people and right partners for this.”

Nikolay Shekerov, InsurTech Director

In 2019 we made a strategic partnership with Fadata, a leader in advanced insurance solutions. This provides the InsurTech team at ScaleFocus with the proper skills and certification to implement Fadata’s core platform for insurers: INSIS. Mastering the implementation of a core platform that covers all lines of business completes the list of services that we can offer to the insurance sector as a team and as a company. The InsurTech team is now capable to deliver technological solutions that are tailored to the business needs of our clients.

We started the year busy with a couple of very interesting projects. This is just the start: the team will be further enhanced, new partnerships will start and new clients will benefit from our technological edge and industry acumen.

Stay tuned for more exciting news!