ScaleFocus expanding its’ headquarters | ScaleFocus
January 4, 2016

ScaleFocus expanding its’ headquarters


Several months after moving to the highest building in Sofia, ScaleFocus expands its headquarters on the 1st floor of the beautiful skyscraper Capital Fort in Sofia, Bulgaria.

“One of the main choices which lead us to choose this building was the possibility to expand the leased space in the future. We are very happy that we were the first once to move into the 2015’s building of the year in Bulgaria. With our pace of growing and plans to expand to over 500 employees by 2018 it has become a need to expand onto the 1st floor of Capital Fort in addition to the two we already use”, said the company’s CEO Plamen Tsekov.

ScaleFocus is one of the largest tenants in Capital Fort. The place was chosen because of its convenient location, and moreover for the stunning view to Vitosha mountain.

For nearly four years ScaleFocus’ reached its ambition to develop innovative processes and deliver smart solutions to over 100 clients in 18 countries across the world. ScaleFocus’ fast-growing team is motivated to achieve the best possible results through technology and drive efficiency and excellence in business and society.

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